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Ray Boltz Songs


Regardless of what your thoughts are about the announcement that Ray Boltz made regarding his sexuality (some people are angry that he is living as a homosexual man while others applaud his honesty), you can not use his lifestyle choices to discredit the wonderful music that earned him three Dove Awards and sold over 4 million copies. God is still God regardless of our choices and songs about Jesus are still songs about our Savior.

These popular Ray Boltz songs are about Jesus and the life we should all be living for Him (even though very few of us can honestly say that we do).

"Behold" (from 'Watch the Lamb' - 1986)

Ray Boltz - Watch The Lamb
Ray Boltz Music

From the song ...

Behold the tomb where Jesus lay
Behold the stone
It's been rolled away
Behold His resurrection power
He lives again, He lives this hour

The beating, the crown of thorns and the cross were very real, as was His death for our sins and His resurrection. It's easy to get so caught up in "real life" that we forget those realities and turn Jesus into a concept rather than a man. "Behold" brings us back to the reality of his sacrifice for us.

"Dare To Believe" (from 'All The Best' - 2010)

Ray Boltz - All The Best
Ray Boltz Music

From the song ...

There's a miracle inside you
It's just a mustard seed of faith
But by the mighty hand of God now
You know that tiny seed was placed

Originally released in 1994 on the gold certified Moments for the Heart, "Dare To Believe" also made appearances on Honor and Glory and All The Best.

"The Hammer (from 'Moments for the Heart' - 1994)

Ray Boltz - Moments for the Heart
Ray Boltz Music

From the song ...

And the crowd began to mock me
I cried, "Oh my God, I do not understand"
Then I turned and saw the hammer
In my hand

Written from the perspective of the soldier who nailed Jesus to the cross as the realization of what he done set in, "The Hammer" appeared on four of Ray's albums.

"At The Foot Of The Cross" (from 'The Unchanging Story' - 2004)

Ray Boltz - The Unchanging Story
Ray Boltz Music

From the song ...

They were watching from a distance
And they could not
Take their eyes from You
You were bleeding
They were weeping
Faithful sisters, they had followed you

The women in Jesus' life stayed at the cross though it had to have cost them to the core of their souls and it was a risk since the crowds were not friendly. Is your faith that strong and your love so pure that you can follow Christ even when it's not popular?

"Give Me Your Hand" (from 'Songs From The Potter's Field' - 2002)

Songs From The Potter's Field - Ray Bolt
Ray Boltz Music

From the song ...

Give me your hand, I'll lift you up
Don't be afraid
You just have to trust
I have been there in the place you stand
There's no need to fear
That's why I'm here
Give me your hand

We fall and Jesus offers His hand to lift us back up. Why do we find that simple gesture so hard when others fall, instead kicking them when they're down?

"The Anchor Holds" (from 'Allegiance' - 1994)

Ray Boltz - Allegiance
Ray Boltz Music

From the song ...

The anchor holds
Though the ship is battered
The anchor holds
Though the sails are torn
I have fallen on my knees
As I faced the raging seas
The anchor holds
In spite of the storm

Reminding us that despite our frailties, our missteps and our flaws, God is still on the throne and will stay there, "The Anchor Holds" is a timeless classic.

"God Gave Me Back Tomorrow" (from 'No Greater Sacrifice' - 1996)

Ray Boltz - No Greater Sacrifice
Ray Boltz Music

From the song ...

God gave me back my tomorrow
When I threw tomorrow away
He took this life
Full of sorrow
And suddenly everything changed

Cindy Morgan joins Ray Boltz on this beautiful duet that starts off with the lines "There are voices on the road of life / And I have made choices / That I know weren't right. We've all been there!

"Church Hop" (from 'Thank You' - 1988)

Ray Boltz - Thank You
Ray Boltz Music

From the song ...

Some folks go where they get fed
They do
Some folks go where they feel led
Do you?

Don't let the fun, big band sound fool you. The lyrics are sucker punches right to the gut! Hopping from church to church, always in search of bigger, better things, is never wise.

"Thank You" (from 'Thank You' - 1988)

Ray Boltz - Thank You
Ray Boltz Music

From the song ...

Thank you for giving to the Lord
I am a life that was changed
Thank you for giving to the Lord
I am so glad you gave

The 1990 Dove Awards Song of the Year brought Boltz his first Dove.

"Brave New World" (from 'No Greater Sacrifice' - 1996)

Ray Boltz - No Greater Sacrifice
Ray Boltz Music

From the song ...

Here in the brave new world
My faith is standing strong
Here in the brave new world
Im right where I belong

We all come from a broken past and we've all taken the hand that God reached out to us, so we can all relate to this song.

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