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Christian Rock Artist Todd Agnew - Christmas Music

'Do You See What I See?' (2006)


Todd Agnew - Do You See What I See

Todd Agnew - Do You See What I See

Courtesy of: INO Records
No random collection of Christmas carols will be found on Todd Agnew's Do You See What I See?. Instead, he takes us on a musical journey, recreating the birth of Christ and telling the story from the perspective of those who were there.

Anthony Evans, Joy Whitlock, Shelley Jennings (Passion) and Vince Lichlyter of Jonah 33 lend their impressive talents to help make this a one-of-a-kind Christmas release.


Do You See What I See? Track Listing

  1. Do You Hear What I Hear
  2. No Room
  3. This Is All I Have to Give
  4. Magnificat
  5. Did You Know
  6. Sleep Well
  7. He Is Called Jesus
  8. God With Us
  9. Glory to God
  10. Bethlehem Dawn
  11. In the First Light

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