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Sharing Christmas


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Dara Maclean Shares Christmas
Dara Maclean

Dara Maclean

Fervent Records
Favorite Part of Christmas:

Family. Just being together and not thinking about anything but the goodness of God from throughout the year. Just being together, that’s the good life.

Favorite Christmas Tradition:

Christmas on Christmas Eve. I have a small family so we all gather around the tree and enjoy Christmas the night before. It’s dark outside, hopefully snowing, and everyone is laughing as Bing sings in the background. Stockings are the best part for the big kids. It's amazing; what fantastic treasures we find!

Best Present You Have Ever Received:

I know I’m so blessed and don't need a thing, but I just found out that thanks to my amazing local radio station, KLTY, I'm getting Lasik! So Merry Christmas to me and no complaints! Also, four years ago, I received an adorable white fluffy present in the mail, my baby puppy Roman. Another wonderful present!

Dara Maclean Christmas Music

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