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  • Favorite Christmas Tradition:

    In Australia, Santa doesn't stick gifts under the Christmas tree or come down the chimney (due to the fact that there are no chimneys in most Australian homes), but rather, he puts the presents at the end of your bed. So, as a family on Christmas Eve, we would paint pictures and write our names on empty pillow cases and then stick them at the end of our beds. In the morning we'd wake up to the pillow cases overflowing with gifts! Not to mention, Santa always ate some of the banana and drank some of the milk I left out... But he never drank or ate it all because, I figured, there were a lot of other children who would put out food and milk as well?

  • Best Present You Ever Received:

    It was the first Christmas we spent in the US. Dad was out of work and we were just kids. We were roughing it, sleeping on beds made out of clothes in a furniture-less house. Mum said to us, "Santa will only be able to bring gifts from the Dollar Store this year." I remember thinking, "No way, Santa's not dictated by whether or not we have money." Unbeknownst to me, a 1st grade class found out we had no money and sponsored our family for Christmas. We received more gifts that year than ever!


  • Favorite Christmas Tradition:

    Every Christmas my Dad shares a devotional with the entire family and afterwards, we usually go around the room and share what we're most thankful for. I think it's important to reflect on all that we've been given and to cherish the moments we have together. That I must say, would be my favorite Christmas tradition!

  • Favorite Part of Christmas:

    My favorite part of Christmas would have to be the time spent with family.  Everyone is so busy throughout the year but Christmas is one day that everyone stops and reflects on the year and shares the memories that were created.

  • Best Present You Ever Received:

    When I was about 10 or 11 I had asked "Santa" for a drum set. (I know, I was dreaming big!) That Christmas morning I woke up to zero presents and I'm thinking, "Did Santa forget about me? Maybe I asked for too much?" After looking around for a bit I saw a little bag at the end of my bed.  I grabbed the bag and opened it up to find a pair of drum sticks!  All that to say, it was a rather magical moment when I ran downstairs to see a brand new drum set all set up waiting for someone to play it! 

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