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Countdown to Christmas 2012 - Day 23


Today's Christmas Carol comes from Josh Wilson and Andrew Peterson.

Add some holiday cheer to your day with the Countdown to Christmas. Each day features Christmas goodies to help you enjoy your season.

Bible Verse of the Day

Luke 6:38 (LEB)

    38 Give, and it will be given to you, a good measure—pressed down, shaken, overflowing—they will pour out into your lap. For with the measure by which you measure out, it will be measured out to you in return.

Giving makes room for more!

Christmas Carol of the Day - "Once a Year " - Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson - Noel
Sparrow Records

From the album, Noel, "One a Year" features Andrew Peterson.

Sharing Christmas

John Schlitt
John Schlitt

John Schlitt, multiple Grammy and Dove Award-winning recording artist whose most recent CD is titled The Greater Cause shares some of his Christmas favorites ...

  • Favorite Christmas carol - "O Holy Night"
  • Favorite Christmas TV special and/or movie - Griswold's Christmas - Christmas Vacation
  • Favorite Christmas goodie - My wife's sugar cookies with icing.
  • Favorite Christmas tradition - My daughter does a special meal on Christmas for the whole family and my wife does a special brunch on Christmas morning.
  • Christmas memory that stands out the most - When I was little boy, my dad's company went belly up. That Christmas he wanted to make sure us three boys had a great Christmas. He was a very good carpenter and had a chance to remodel a hardware store. His payment was all of the electric train equipment that was stored in the basement of the hardware store such as engines, tracks, cars, and enough to fill a gigantic ping pong table. It was last minute, so my mom and dad didn't know how to present it to us. Our tree was upstairs with the presents they were able to put together. We opened those up and assumed that was it, knowing that the year was tough and we weren't expecting much. When we were finished opening the presents, we thanked mom and dad and started going downstairs. Unexpectedly mom and dad said, "Don't go down there." Of course that sparked our interest immensely and as we looked at them, they looked at each other and then said, "Ok boys, go on down." We went downstairs and opened the door. It looked like a whole department store full of trains. It was so overwhelming to the three of us. I remember it like it was just yesterday.

Holiday Tip of the Day

Zuca Bag

If you have an ice skater in your life and are looking for last minute gift ideas, Jo Ann Schneider Farris, our Guide to Figure Skating, has 15 wonderful gift ideas to pick from.

Recipe of the Day

Dutch Apple Pie
Carroll Pellegrinelli, About.com Guide to Desserts / Baking

My mom has asked that I bring a light dessert for Christmas Eve dinner so I'm going to bake a family favorite tonight. Nobody can resist Dutch Apple Pie with a crumb topping!

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