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Countdown to Christmas 2012 - Day 9


If you are staying in tonight and can't find anything on TV to watch, A Muppet Family Christmas is a definite keeper.

Add some holiday cheer to your day with the Countdown to Christmas. Each day features a Christmas carol, gift ideas, a Bible verse and devotional, a recipe to try and the holiday TV schedule for the day. There are even extra goodies thrown in here and there!

Merry Christmas (or, as they say in Mandarin, shèng dàn jié!)

Bible Verse of the Day

Sad at Christmas
George Doyle / Getty Images

2 Corinthians 1:3-7 (KNOX)

    3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the merciful Father, the God who gives all encouragement. 4 He it is who comforts us in all our trials; and it is this encouragement we ourselves receive from God which enables us to comfort others, whenever they have trials of their own. 5 The sufferings of Christ, it is true, overflow into our lives; but there is overflowing comfort, too, which Christ brings to us. 6 Have we trials to endure? It all makes for your encouragement, for your salvation. Are we comforted? It is so that you may be comforted. And the effect of this appears in your willingness to undergo the sufferings we too undergo; 7 making our hopes of you all the more confident; partners of our sufferings, you will be partners of our encouragement too.

Christmas is a joyous time, but for some, it isn't always a happy occasion. Some people are haunted by loss, have no family, are facing personal tragedy, or don't have the extra money to buy gifts for their family (among other things). If you've ever made it through something like that yourself, remember that God wants us to encourage those who are in any tribulation. Even if you haven't suffered a specific loss, you can still offer encouragement to others by sharing Christ.

Gift Idea of the Day

Audrey Assad - Heart
Sparrow Records

Filled with passion, Heart gives us a more mature Audrey Assad, and this is saying a lot since her debut album, The House You’re Building, was hardly child's play. Those who lean towards singer-songwriter music will be all smiles after hearing this release.

Heart Track List:

  1. Blessed Are The Ones
  2. Even The Winter
  3. The Way You Move
  4. Sparrow
  5. Breaking You
  6. O My Soul
  7. Won Me Over
  8. No Turning Back
  9. Lament
  10. Wherever You Go
  11. Slow
  12. New Song

Family Movie of the Day

A Muppet Family Christmas
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

A Muppet Family Christmas (1998)

Join Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzie Bear, Ma Bear, Robin the Frog and the rest of the Muppet gang as they celebrate Christmas.

Holiday Tip of the Day

Embroidered Christmas Tree
Cheryl Fall, About.com Guide to Embroidery

Cheryl Fall, our Guide to Embroidery, shares 13 winter holiday and Christmas patterns for embroidery that use a wide variety of techniques and stitches.

Recipe of the Day

Asturian Beef and Vegetable Stew
Lisa Sierra, About.com Guide to Spanish Food

The delicious Asturian Beef and Vegetable Stew (Ternera a la Asturiana) is hearty and easy to make. Paired with Rustic Spanish Bread, this meal will just scream "comfort food."

Christmas TV - December 9, 2012

Holiday in Handcuffs
ABC Family


  • Disney Prep & Landing
  • Prep & Landing 2: Naughty vs. Nice
  • Christmas With Holly

ABC Family

  • Rudolph's Shiny New Year
  • Snow
  • Snowglobe
  • Santa Baby
  • Santa Baby 2 Christmas Maybe
  • 12 Dates of Christmas
  • Holiday in Handcuffs
  • The Mistle-Tones (a new ABC Family original musical)


  • Miracle on 34th Street


  • Guy's Disney Holiday

GMC (Gospel Music Channel)

  • A Very Special Christmas: 25 Years of Bringing Joy to the World


  • Holiday Engagement
  • Once Upon A Christmas
  • Hitched for the Holidays
  • The Case for Christmas
  • A Princess for Christmas
  • Help for the Holidays
  • Matchmaker Santa


  • Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas
  • A Golden Christmas 2
  • Christmas Town
  • Anything But Christmas
  • Christmas Mail
  • A Star for Christmas


  • Holiday High School Reunion
  • A Nanny for Christmas
  • The Road to Christmas
  • Love at the Christmas Table
  • Holly's Holiday
  • All About Christmas Eve


  • See Dad Run
  • Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh!


  • Mary and Joseph: A Story of Faith


  • This Christmas

This TV

  • Nutcracker: The Motion Picture
  • Casper's Haunted Christmas

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