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DecembeRadio and NASCAR - An All-American Combination


DecembeRadio with NASCAR driver Jeff Burton

DecembeRadio with NASCAR driver Jeff Burton

Courtesy of: Slanted Records
Slanted Records recording artist DecembeRadio rocked the Atlanta Motor Speedway on October 29th, with a stellar performance at the NASCAR Bass Pro Shops 500 race, which was attended by an estimated 180,000 people. 

  The band performed a 25-minute set during the pre-race show that included "Drifter," "Table" and the Lenny Kravitz’s hit "Are You Gonna Go My Way." They followed that up with an acoustic performance of "God Bless America." At the end of the song, two U.S. Black Hawk helicopters flew in and U.S. Army Special Forces troops rappelled out while fans cheered.  Just before the start of the engines, DecembeRadio took the stage again for a performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner," which was aired live on NBC, and punctuated by a B-52 plane fly-by over the stadium.

  While at the event, DecembeRadio met various owners and sponsors of the event as well as some of the drivers. A highlight was meeting Jeff Burton, driver of the #31 Cingular Wireless car, because he is a fellow Virginia native. 

Sunday wasn't the only day that DecembeRadio was busy making music. The whole weekend was packed with events for the band. On Friday they teamed with Atlanta's J93.3 radio station at Arbor Place Mall in Douglasville, Ga., where they performed an acoustic set and signed CDs. They were also guests on the station’s morning show, which is aired throughout the metro Atlanta and middle Georgia areas.  On Saturday, the band played at the H20 Student Center in Covington, GA. Granted, the crowd wasn't nearly as huge as the crowd gathered at the race, but the guys gave as much energy and passion to the 180 as they gave to the 180,000. That is what I call true music ministry!

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