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Devotionals from Kim Jones, your Guide, Christian artists and people in the Christian music industry.
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This devotional, written by freelance writer Mike Parker (BookPage, CCM, HomeLife, Lifeway.com), is based on the episode of “The Monster” from television legend Michael Landon’s award-winning series, Highway to Heaven.

Freedom in Christ
I'm free in Christ. I know that. I've been told that since I accepted Christ in elementary school. This point was further ingrained in my head at church. But what did that mean? What is freedom?

Holy, Holy, Holy
Christian artist, Kristina, talks about worship using the lyrics from “Holy, Holy, Holy”.

Kathy Troccoli - Devotional from India
Kathy Troccoli wrote this devotional in a hotel room in Bombay, India after being touched to her core during a mission trip.

Move Somethin' - Willie Will
Gospel hip hop artist Willie Will shares the thoughts behind his single, "Move Somethin' in this real media audio devotional.

Saddle Up Your Horses
Entering each New Year, if you're like me, you review your vision. You set new goals. You put a plan in place that excites you. You say to yourself, "This coming year will be different. I will achieve the goals I've set." But, after a few months, or maybe even just a few weeks, you lose your momentum.

Why Can't I Get Better?
Kent Rector, drummer for Monday Morning, writes on Philippians 4, which talks about excellence and God's provision.

Big Shiny Planet
BSP is a video driven Bible study for teens that includes Building 429, BarlowGirl, Stellar Kart, GRITS, and others.

Road to Revelation - Devotionals
These are the devotionals/lessons that I, your Guide to Christian Music / Gospel, have personally written, as well as devotionals written by my husband.

Scripture Menu
Filled with brief Bible studies called "appetizers" and plenty of all-Scripture "entrées," this site is certainly a way to have a "satisfying meal of the Word of God."

Submitting It all to God
Katrina Wampler writes some of the most beautiful and moving pieces you'll read.

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