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Father's Day

Christian and Gospel artists talk about dads ... both their own and being dads themselves.

Christian Songs for Father's Day
These songs are all great ways to say "Thank you for all that you've done" to dad.

Ben Utecht Talks About Being A New Dad
Ben Utecht Talks About New A New Dad - Christian Singer and Pro Football Player Ben Utecht Talks About Being A Father

Father's Day - Article One Talks About Honoring Dad
For some Father's Day means get dad a new tie. For other's (like me) it means going to the cemetery with fresh flowers. Regardless of how you honor dad on his special day, make sure that you do honor him.

Steven Curtis Chapman on Being a Dad and Enjoying the Cinderella Moments
Christian recording artist Steven Curtis Chapman talks about being a dad and enjoying the Cinderella moments with his kids.

Anthony Evans Talks About His Father and How He Impacted His Life
Gospel recording artist Anthony Evans talks about his dad and how he impacted his life for our Father's Day special.

'Letters and Reflections to My Adopted Daughters' - Jody Moreen
A review of 'Letters and Reflections to My Adopted Daughters' by Jody Moreen.

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