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pureNRG - 'Here We Go Again'

pureNRG didn't go backwards with the dreaded sophomore slump; they moved forward with a definite purpose. Unlike some of the bubble-gum pop saturating the airwaves today, this group of young people actually has something to say.

'Angel Wars Guardian Force 2'

The second installment of Angel Wars is all about fallen angel Morg getting his hands on the mysterious Foundation Stone and the Guardian Force trying to find it before Morg destroys Earth.

Hyper Static Union - 'Lifegiver'

Hyper Static Union went old-school with "Lifegiver" - yet they added so many "now" elements ... successfully combining pop, rock and funk to make some incredible worship music for a new day and a new generation. Much like track 6, I just "Can’t Leave It Alone!"

Joe Henschel - 'Capture Me'

Joe Henschel's debut CD, Capture Me, is worship music with an acoustic ballad flare that works well but doesn't have any particular stand out style that makes separates him from the rather large pack of contemporary worship leaders saturating the airwaves today.

'My Coming Day' - Julian Drive

Julian Drive - My Coming Day - Christian CD Review of Julian Drive's My Coming Day

Hawk Nelson - 'Letters To The President: Deluxe Edition'

The Deluxe Edition of "Letters To The President" adds six new tracks and three videos that you can view on your computer.

FFH - 'Still the Cross'

Still the Cross is a great CD by a great group. Heartfelt and powerful stuff on this release.

Eric Heatherly - 'The Lower East Side of Life'

Reviewer Kevan Breitinger says, "I’m tellin’ you, you don’t have to like country to like Heatherly. He’s got attitude to spare and some of these truth-packed tunes really rock."

Carolynne Brown - 'Close to You'

At first listen of Carolynne Brown's CD, Close to You, I was immediately struck by the rich power of Carolynne Brown's voice; the girl has a Voice.

Andy Hunter - 'The Songs of Life'

Techno music that is brilliantly delivered is what you'll find on "The Songs of Life."

Big Daddy Weave - 'What I Was Made For'

Big Daddy Weave always brought a heartfelt zeal to their projects, and "What I Was Made For" is no different. But the solid sincerity of their worship comes through on every song with a new strength, strength of "hurricane" proportions.

1000 generations - 'Prayers'

CD review of Prayers, the debut independent CD from 1000 generations, the worship team of the Indianapolis Vineyard.

Excelsius – 'The Final Evolution'

Reviewer Kevan Breitinger says, "Excelsius doesn’t back off of the truth, whether it’s about what is and isn’t holiness, spiritual warfare or growing up without a father."

Eleventyseven - 'And The Land Of Fake Believe'

Eleventyseven's music is catchy, fun and perfect for the summer.

Circleslide - 'Uncommon Days'

Honest, exciting and electrifying, Circleslide hits the mark with their debut release, Uncommon Days. You may not initially be drawn to thickly swirling guitars but give yourself time to move farther into this music. You won't be sorry.

Clint Brown - 'Fall Like Rain'

Pastor Clint Brown has released his 16th full length album with little fan-fare, but with a great deal of praise.

'Beth Moore Presents: Songs of Deliverance' - Various Artists

What happens when you put music by Sara Groves, CeCe Winans, Ronnie Freeman, Amy Grant, Travis Cottrell, Steven Curtis Chapman and a few other greats on one CD? You find yourself moved from start to finish.

Fred Thomas - 'I See You'

I See You starts out strong with the title track and keeps up the pace of excellence throughout the rest of the album. This well-produced worship/pop experience will make you a Fred Thomas fan within minutes.

Third Day - 'Chronology: Volume One'

Having grown up in the Peach state myself, I've always loved Third Day and their southern rock roots, so their first anthology was something I was looking forward to. They didn't let me down!

Group 1 Crew - 'Ordinary Dreamers'

Group 1 Crew takes the sound that won them the Dove Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year earlier this year and makes it even bigger and better on 'Ordinary Dreamers.'.

Youth For Christ - 'Love Comes in All Colors'

The 350-plus voice Youth For Christ choir, ages 10 - 18, features a colorful combination of races, denominations and family backgrounds with the purpose to tear down both racial and denomination walls by educating young people around the world that no matter what your skin color, love knows no colors.

Music Inspired By The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

The artists featured on this project inspire a unified feeling of wonder and magic, making it something special, very much like the book and movie it was inspired by.

Adam Cunningham - 'Adam Cunningham'

The fresh new face belonging to Adam Cunningham is one you'll come to know and love. The more you listen to his debut release, the more you'll come to love his music as well.

Julian - 'Fruit of the Spirit'

This debut release shows a ton of promise from this young artist.

Kirk & Joni Bovill - 'Are You Ready?'

Kirk & Joni Bovill's "Are You Ready?" offers plenty of diversity through the 15 tracks.

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