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Christian Singer V. Rose Shares Her Thoughts on Halloween


V. Rose

V. Rose

Clear Sight Music
Christian Singer V. Rose was only eight years old when she asked God to give her the ability to write music that allowed her to share her heart. Seven years and many songs later, she and a childhood friend formed the pop duo, Harmony, and were signed with the production company, Spechouse Media. It was during that time that the then 15-year-old understood why God had answered her childhood prayer. A worship service opened her eyes to the fact that her voice and her songwriting skills weren't for her - they were to share Christ with others. She explained that moment by saying, "It was such a memorable night because I understood that God gave me this gift of singing, not for myself, not to be famous, but as a ministry to help other people. I knew He wanted me to use it for His glory, and I remember telling my Mom 'I get it now.'"

Harmony split up as a duo (though to this day, the girls are still best friends) and V. Rose began her journey toward a solo career as a Christian artist. After appearing on two tracks from FLAME’s #1 Billboard release Captured (one of them being the hit single (Surrender"), she signed with Clear Sight Music. Her debut album, V. Rose, hit stores on August 16, 2011.

"I Was Sad But I Understood"

When talking about Christians and Halloween, V. Rose shared how she grew up and her thoughts about the holiday now that she's an adult in her 20s. She said, "I wasn't allowed to celebrate Halloween when I was a kid but my friends at school would always share their candy with me. I understood why my parents didn't allow it but I can remember being sad that I missed out on all the candy. I know there are lots of churches who put together carnival games and fun things to do for kids on Halloween. I think it's more safe than the door to door trick or treating. For the past few years, my church has put on a Harvest Festival with carnival games so the kids from the community can come and win some candy."

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