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Instrumental Christian Artists

From the piano showmanship of Dino to the stirring violin of Ruth Fazal, their music does all their talking.

What is Instrumental Christian Music?
Many people have asked how Instrumental music can be labeled as Christian, since the basis for the entire Christian music genre is the lyrics.

David Klinkenberg
David Klinkenberg is a very talented fiddle player who mixes ministry with music that ranges from celtic to country with an occasional vocal thrown in. On his site you can hear clips, find out where he's playing and buy his albums.

The official site of the man called "America's Piano Showman". Dino's site features a bio, tour schedule, newsletters, reviews and more.

Doug Doppler
Doug is a fantastic guitar player who mentored under Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. He's also a man of faith who doesn't hesitate to credit all of his blessings to his Creator. On his site you can listen to sound clips, see where he's going to be doing shows and learn more about him.

Eduard Klassen
Official site for the Paraguayan folk harpist. Find out more about the man and his music.

Greg Howlett
Greg Howlett is a very talented concert Christian pianist who has released multiple CDs in his career. On his site you can hear his music, find free music lessons and see where he is scheduled to play.

Greg Vail
Jazz Gospel and Contemporary Christian saxophone musician Greg Vail's official site. You'll find sound clips, a detailed bio, touring information, and photos as well as info about his secular projects.

Jeff Bjorck
Jeff Bjorck is a licensed clinical psychologist and professor at Fuller Theological Seminary's Graduate School of Psychology. He is also an seriously incredible pianist. He calls his music "quiet music to calm the heart in a noisy world" and he is 100% right on the money there. Beautiful stuff here ... simply beautiful.

Jimmy Roberts
Maybe you recognize the name from Jimmy playing for years with Rod Stewart. Even if you don't, if you like smooth jazz saxophone, you will love this guy!

Keith Andrew Grim
Keith is an instrumental guitarist from York, PA. He plays hymns, original songs, and Christmas Carols and he plays them really well!

Laura Stincer
Christian flutist Laura Stincer says that all of her songs are inspired by her faith and the Bible. On her site, you can hear her music and learn more about her.

Maurice Sklar
On his official site, you can learn more about his award winning career, read his blog, watch videos, see photos and read about his ministry.

Paul Aaron
Paul Aaron began playing the clarinet in 6th grade in El Campo, Texas. In college he pursued music ministry and graduated with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Sacred Music. On his site you can learn more about Paul, listen to his music and find out where to hear him play.

Roberto Stuart
This former conductor of the United States Postal Band plays sax and he plays it well. Listen for yourself on his official site.

Ruth Fazal
After more than 20 years of performing, Ruth Fazal has has produced twelve worship albums, including three instrumental albums using violin and keyboard/synthesiser. This official website lets you listen to sample audio tracks, check her itinerary and read Ruth's biography.

The Kenny MacKenzie Trio
Kenny is a jazz pianist who also sings and plays christian pop/rock. On his site, you'll find full length sound files, pics and show dates.

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