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Reese Roper - On Life


Reese Roper

Reese Roper

Courtesy of: Reese Roper
Updated June 02, 2006
Roper. Nice Country name, but the band doesn't really fit that "country" label at all.

"Five Minute Walk Records had the idea of naming the band 'Roper' to advertise that I was the (lead) singer of Five Iron Frenzy. I figured that in addition to all of the self-deprecation that I am getting good at, I would cover a country song on every album and make it punk or take a punk song and make it country," Reese Roper, lead singer of Roper and former lead singer of Five Iron Frenzy explained.

Those aren't the only accomplishments Reese Roper can claim. He also is involved with a third band, Brave Saint Saturn. This is a project that has led to two albums being produced - one through 5MinuteWalk and the other through Tooth and Nail Records. As good as Roper is at multitasking, one question still remains ... How does one cram a little self-deprecation into lyrics packed with metaphors, maintain a drum-driven soft rock beat and still not take themselves too seriously on an album?

The answer may be surprising if one considers that, at least in the case of Brave Saint Saturn, there is not just one album but three. "Brave Saint Saturn was a side project that I started right after we began Five Iron Frenzy, even before we signed," Reese confessed. "There were so many good music writers in Five Iron that I hardly got a chance to do anything creative as far as music. So, I started writing songs on my own to get some of it out of my system. Because Five Iron was usually quite upbeat (no pun intended for all the ska fans out there), Brave Saint became morose and depressing stuff."

The songs written for Brave Saint were more mellow, with more instrumentation, lots of programming and song topics that were darker. "The two albums we have made and the one we are working on and (are) close to finishing, which I think will be titled, "The Dreams That You Dare to Dream", all follow the same story. So, it makes them sort of a theme-album trilogy," Reese said.

Though not quite finished, the Brave Saint trilogy and even songs off Roper's album, Brace Yourself For the Mediocre, are inspired by other songs and sometimes, "just being in a particular place spiritually or in life that pulls me in a certain way while I am writing an album," Reese said.

Sometimes, as Reese has discovered, life can lead us into painful places we must confront. For Roper, the confrontation inspired the words to "You're With Stupid."

"I was engaged about a year ago to a girl that I did not marry, but we are still really good friends. The whole idea of watching her date other guys had gotten me a little on edge, not because of jealousy or anything but because I cared about her and didn't want to see her go out with some chump. I think all guys have felt like this at one time," the former Five Iron frontman said.

The song, "You're With Stupid," on Roper's Brace Yourself album, wasn't only inspired by Reese's experience. It was also inspired by another song. "I was greatly inspired by the song, "Leave the Biker" by Fountains of Wayne," he said.

The Roper and Brave Saint albums are all centered around life - a world peppered with themes and laden heavily with metaphors. "I get the most out of it through that," Roper's recently-married frontman explained.

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