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BarlowGirl 2005 Interview

Strong Tower Tour




Courtesy of Fervent Records
Kim - Hey girls! Will you introduce yourselves?

Alyssa - I'm Alyssa and I play bass and keyboard and sing.

Rebecca - I'm Rebecca and I play guitar and do background vocals.

Lauren - I'm Lauren - the drummer and I also sing. Alyssa and I split leads half-and-half.

Kim - The last time we talked it had been a year since you signed. Now, a few of months later, here you are, up for four Dove awards!

]Rebecca - It's kinda crazy!

Alyssa - It's awesome!

Kim - As great as your music is, I think what impresses me even more is the fact that you're all sticking to your guns. You're not changing who you are or what you believe to make the world happy.

Alyssa - There's none of that in us.

Rebecca - We know what we're called to do. We know what God wants us to do and NO ONE is going to tell us differently.

Alyssa - Unless God is changing our hearts, or our parents.

Rebecca - Mom instilled in us that you just believe and you don't compromise just to make people happy.

Alyssa - We've had to fight our entire lives because of what we believe in but it was worth it. It's better to look crazy and stand for something than to just believe in everything. So I'd rather be known as a freak than as someone who just wants to blend in.

Kim - When I was talking Kutless, we talked about their stance on how they behave on tour and how they interact with their fans and it is so similar to you guys. It's cool to have you all on the same tour - showing both sides of the issue.

Rebecca - That's kind of what we saw in them when they asked us to tour with them.

Lauren - A year ago our cousin had given us an article about them and all of the things they stood for. We were like, "Holy Cow! There are guys out there making the same commitment that we are." I just respect them so much for that. You don't see that a lot.

Alyssa - We were like "Yes!" We feel really safe touring with them.

Lauren - Plus their wives come with them, which is huge and I respect that so much, because a lot of people say "It costs too much" and make excuses. But they value their family and I love that. I get more and more respect for them every day.

Kim - Is there going to be any news soon about your new CD?

Alyssa - We had a new photo shoot! But we're still working on the CD.

Kim - Have you named it yet?

Rebecca - Nope! (laughs) We're going to self titled every record! BarlowGirls # Two!

Lauren - We're really talking about our life and all of the songs we've ever written have come from our journal entries. We want to have something along the lines of journaling or something like that. It's an idea.

Alyssa - The songs are very personal and it's like opening our journal.

Kim - We've talked before about the fact that you're normal people with normal problems.

Rebecca - People don't get that though. There are a lot more problems actually. You struggle with different areas. Living on stage, and making sure that's not where you get your value.

Lauren - We want to make sure that kids know that we're like every body else. We struggle and we want to help them, because this is what God has taught us. Maybe that will help them too.

Kim - You finally got your bus! You were designing it the last time we talked. Is it everything you wanted?

Rebecca - That fell through.

Lauren - But it was just God taking us on a journey. Everything just fell apart, but that's how God always does it. But at the last minute it changed! We heard about this bus and God had told us certain things about it. We knew it was supposed to look like our living room and we knew exactly what we wanted. And we walked in and it was like ... this is our house!

Rebecca - We knew it immediately. We were in it for about 10 minutes and then we bought it! It was like God had built it for us. It was more than we could have ever built. It's comfortable and it's like our little house on the road. Mom got her kitchen, an icemaker, and a trash compactor. She got everything! It even actually had our dream china! It was Barbara Mandrell's bus. She was praying that it would go to a family. She was actually holding out for a family and then we came along and she let us have it! For money, of course! It was a blessing though.

Kim - What are you studying now?

Rebecca - We just started the book of James with the tour. It's great because we actually have a tour pastor. As a family we're studying Psalm 112, which is basically about the fear of the Lord. If you fear the Lord, these are the blessings that will come into your life. It's amazing! It's like, you know, I'm not seeing any of the fruit in my life, I must not fear the Lord.

Alyssa - That's kind of our lives right now. We're thinking "OK, what other things are we fearing right now? Are we fearing approval of man? Is the comparisons with other bands?" We're really kind of assessing that right now in our own lives. God's been helping us this year with bad habits and bad patterns.

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