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Avalon - Surrounded by Great People

by Erin Coleman




Erin Coleman (erin@usmo.com) sat down with the members of Avalon recently for a chat. Our thanks to Erin for sharing what they had to say.

Erin: Your album, The Creed was released earlier this year. What have you been doing to support the album?

Jody: We did a spring tour with Mark Schultz and Across the Sky that went to about thirty-seven cities and kept us really busy.

Greg: Janna toured until she was thirty-six weeks pregnant and then we went and had a baby. We will tour again in the fall and go to thirty-five to forty cities.

Erin: You've done so many things the past few years. Which event has been the most memorable?

Jody: I would have to say that the American Music Awards was a big deal for us because we were in a mainstream forum and that is not a place that people usually talk about Christian music. For them to not just give us an award, but for them to do it on national television along with all of the other awards they gave out was pretty cool. Just to have a chance for us to go up there and obviously thank God for what we do and tell them that God is the reason behind what we do. I think one of the most moving experiences for me was getting to work with World Vision and having the chance to go overseas and see what they do all over the world to help kids. Being a part of that ministry is something that is very important to us.

Erin: What can people expect from your live show if they have never seen you perform before?

Greg: I think the biggest thing is the songs. Avalon has been blessed with a lot of really good songs. Jody always says, "You can put some hamsters up on the stage and as long as they are able to sing the songs people would be happy." I think the key to it is performing the songs that have ministered to people from the very first record up until now. We still perform the songs that Avalon started with and the new songs. Like tonight we will perform Give it Up from the very first Avalon album.

Erin: When will Janna be rejoining the group?

Greg: I think it's up to her, but we have a date set for the end of July for her to come back. Avalon isn't doing a whole lot over the summer as far as shows. We do heavy touring in the spring and heavy touring in the fall. It's hard to not go places we've already been. We will be covering almost eighty cities between the spring and the fall shows. Our schedule has worked out really well for Janna.

Erin: Do you have plans to do anymore solo projects in the future?

Melissa: We actually all four have solo ministries and have all made our own CDs in the past. This summer is an opportunity for all of us to go out and do our solo ministries and we will continue doing Avalon as well. I think it's something that will continue to happen. We have duel ministries going on but Avalon is our priority, our solo ministries are going to continue to be there.

Jody: Greg had a record released just a couple of weeks before Avalon's and he's still actively doing that. He joined us today from doing solo stuff. I would love to go in and try to do another record as well. Avalon has to release a record in May before I can do another record.

Erin: What message would you like to relay to your fans and to the people that continue to support you?

Jody: I think the first thing we need to say is thank you for just sticking with us through the band inconsistencies and the difficulties. This is our tenth year. Christmas it will be ten years for us. I think if you would have told me ten years ago that this would have lasted this long I probably would have laughed. God has blessed this ministry due to the prayers and the support of the people that have been coming to our concerts over the years. We have had some great fans. We have had some wonderful people that constantly keep us in prayer and that constantly come to the shows. We are surrounded by great people in our families and by people that love us. We just want to say thank you. Thanks for being loyal and for praying for us so many years.

Erin: What goals have you set to accomplish over the next year?

Melissa: A new record!

Greg: I think with this next record and in this new configuration that Avalon has a renewed sense that we want to glorify God as a group. That is our main purpose and goal. We are not worried about anybody else or what their goals are. We really want to focus in on glorifying Christ with our music and with the words that we sing and with the way that we conduct our lives.

Jody: That is what we are called to do, we are called not only to be musicians and to make Christian records, but also to live a life that is worthy of that calling. That is Biblical. Over the next year we are going to be planning a new record and trying to fulfill the calling that God has given us to do.

Erin: That is all the questions I have for you today.

Greg: Thank you so much for coming on our bus and asking us questions!

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