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An Interview With BarlowGirl

Connecting with teens




Courtesy of GOA
The Christian rock group BarlowGirl makes music appealing to young people. The three sisters, Rebecca, Alyssa, and Lauren recently took time to answer questions from ChristianMusicMonthly.com's Mark Weber.

Mark - Where are you from? What is the spiritual climate like there?
Lauren - We live in Chicago, Illinois. I'd say black and white. People don't pretend to be someone they're not.

Mark - What are some of the themes your music conveys?
Alyssa - Challenging people to stay pure in an impure world.
Lauren - Purity. Not conforming.
Alyssa - Trusting in God.

Mark - You're sisters, you're young, and you're in a band together. You really seem to be connecting with teens. Why?
Rebecca - Teens are so hungry for the truth and we're real with them.
Lauren - We share our own brokenness.

Mark - Talk about what the song "Never Alone" means to you and your sisters.
Rebecca - We wrote this song during a hard time when everything we hoped for fell out of our hands. But we trusted God's Word and not our circumstances.

Mark - In concert, what song(s) gets the biggest reaction?
Lauren - "Never Alone" and "Average Girl."

Mark - Do you pray together?
Alyssa - Everyday at 10:30 we listen to a teaching and then pray together. We've done this for as long as I can remember.
Rebecca - Even on the road we make it our priority.

Mark - Talk about the song "I Need You To Love Me."
Alyssa - "I Need You To Love Me" came out of our journals. It was based on the fear that we're unlovable to God. We felt challenged to stop convincing Him of the reasons why we deserved His love.
Lauren - Instead we needed to accept God's love in our lives as a free gift.

Mark - What's your favorite Bible verse?
Rebecca - Isaiah 62.
Alyssa - There's so many. I'll go with Isaiah 49.
Lauren - I Corinthians 13.

Mark - What is something you'd tell a struggling young person who doesn't go to church or "know the Lord" to encourage them?
Alyssa - That God has a calling for them. He has a plan and purpose on their life.

Mark - What do you struggle with and how are you dealing with it? How does God help you with it?
Rebecca - For me, being on the road. I love alone time and my own space and touring doesn't offer that. But I know God has called me to this. And I hold on to His Word that I can do all things He has called me to, and He will give me strength.

Mark - What do you and your sisters do to prepare for a show?
Rebecca - Take prayer time.
Lauren - Put on make-up.
Alyssa - 30 minutes before each show we quiet down and focus and pray.

Mark - Does the band go to church on Sundays? If so, where?
Alyssa - When we're home, yes.
Lauren - Our church is in Chicago.
Rebecca - When we can't make it home we listen to teachings.
Alyssa - We do bus church.

Mark - Since being signed to a record label, how has your life changed?
Lauren - Our lives are much busier. This life makes you grow up a lot quicker. There is a lot of pressure on you to be mature in circumstances.

Mark - Your parents are obviously important to you. What have they taught you about life that you'd like to share with other young ladies who might be reading this that will help or encourage them in their lives?
Lauren - My parents, our parents...always told us to make God our own.
Alyssa - That He couldn't just be their faith but we had to make Him our own.

Mark - If someone wants to pray for you and the band, what should they pray about/for?
Rebecca - That God's will be done.
Alyssa - This life is very busy. And we don't want our hearts to be distracted but, rather, to grow closer to God. It's hard to leave our family behind.
Lauren - For grace on the road.

Mark - How can fans contact you?
BarlowGirl - You can get our contact information on Barlowgirl.com. Our message board is also a great place to ask us questions.

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