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DecembeRadio Interview - The New Christian Rockers

Bringing a Message of Hope to Good Old Rock 'n Roll


DecembeRadio with Kim Jones - April, 2006

DecembeRadio with Kim Jones - April, 2006

Copyright: 2006 Kim Jones
I got to meet Boone, Josh, Eric and Brian - aka DecembeRadio - at GMA week 2006. It was an honor to be the person to conduct their first interview and it was an absolute blast to hang out for a while. These guys mean business ... both with their music and their faith. I see a great future for DecembeRadio!

So tell me about DecembeRadio … something I haven’t read in the bio. The meat and potatoes of who you are, why you do what you do and why what you do is relevant to the folks out in the world who are living life every day and struggling with it.

Boone – We believe that a lot of people don’t like to listen to Christian music because they don’t like to listen to the way that it sounds. What we want to do is to take the message of hope that we have through Christ and put it with music that just sounds like good old rock ‘n roll.

Josh – We feel really passionate about the whole music thing and about being a band that is the same live as they are in the studio. Not that we have anything against studio musicians, but we feel like that is missing in a lot of music out there now. We grew up on all of the old school rock … from the Stones to Led Zeppelin to Tom Petty … those kinds of bands. We feel like God has called us to a musical style that is not represented as much as, say, more modern, harder edged bands. We are bringing the old school to the new school.

You grew up listening to old school rock. So who is the one band that inspired you the most?

Brian – Mine was Eric Clapton. He’s the reason that I started playing guitar.

Boone – Mine was “When the Levee Breaks” by Led Zeppelin. When I heard that drum fill come in the intro … oh! I was a little kid and my uncle had all of the Zeppelin records. He was a drummer too and he would always be like, “Man, check these guys out.” I was only three or four and I didn’t know what music was, but I knew that I loved that.

Josh – I can’t exactly remember, but I’ll have to say “Crossfire” or “The House is Rockin’” by Stevie Ray Vaughan. I was really into blues before anything else. I was playing guitar before bass.

Eric – It was more of an attitude and visual thing for me. Seeing Keith Richards just do his thing … I was like, the guy is old and I don’t know how he’s doing it, but that is cool!

What is your closet song? The song that no one would believe that you actually enjoy?

Eric – I have a closet band instead of song. Hermans Hermits. My mom always used to listen to them on vinyl. It has some memory for me. “No Milk Today” is a good tune.

Brian – I’ve got one. I’ve got a little nephew and he likes to watch the Wiggles, so I have to watch it. I don’t know if I could actually sing along with them, but I’ve watched more than my fair share.

Josh – I can’t top the Wiggles! The only thing that my brain can come up with is Huey Lewis and the News. I love the song “The Power of Love” because I love Back To The Future. The first time I saw that movie I fell in love with the song. And the band Toto. I love the song, “Africa.”

Boone – Mine would be “Sailing” by Christopher Cross. I love that song.

Where are you guys all from?

Josh – A couple of different places actually.

Brian – We’re based out of Virginia. Josh and I are based out of Virginia. Boone is in Nashville, but he’s originally from Mississippi.

Eric – I’m from northern West Virginia.

So how did the four of you get together to become DecembeRadio?

Brian – Josh and I have played together since we were 12 years old. We were in various bands through middle and high school. When we got out of high school we started doing the music thing full time. Through our travels we met Eric and got to be good friends with him. He’s been with us now about two years. We got Boone’s phone number from our producer about a year ago. We called him up and were like, “We need a drummer for this stint of dates.” We met him at the airport and as soon as he walked off of the plane and gave us a big hug it was like we’d known him forever and we decided to keep him!

This may be a sticky subject, but I’m going to put it on the table. The Christian sub-culture … The folks that are so busy trying to act like they think Christians should act, that they become more about the image than about the relationship. Do you deal with that as a rock band?

Brian – I always ask people to define for me exactly what Christian or non-Christian music is. The Bible says in Psalm 150, “Praise him with the stringed instruments and cymbals” and we’re doing that through our music. To me, the lyrics are what make music Christian or not Christian. Nowhere in the Bible does it say, “If you play in 4/4 time or at this tempo, it’s Christian.” If it’s done with the right heart and the lyrics are there then it’s Christian music to me.

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