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Adam Young (Owl City) 2012 Interview


Owl City

Owl City

Universal Republic

While his friends call him Adam, most of the rest of the world knows him as Owl City. Whatever you call him, this Platinum-selling artist has a lot to say, both in his music and in his chats.

Shortly after the release of his fourth studio album, The Midsummer Station, I had the opportunity to ask Adam Young a few questions about the project...

Kim: What drove the decision to record "Good Time" with Carly Rae Jepsen? Who else did you consider for the female part?

Adam: Our managers are actually mutual friends so he told me to check out some of her stuff and I knew right then that it needed to be her or no one else.  I didnt really consider anyone else for that part.  There is something about her vibe. I like the way she presents herself as an artist, her confidence, etc. She's so much fun and that shows in her music.

Kim: Speaking of "Good Time," I found it to be fun and catchy. The thing is, after five years of hearing people talk about your music being full of hidden meanings, I tried to find the hidden in it and just couldn't come up with anything. To me, it's a charming song about having fun - something we probably don't do nearly enough because too frequently, we let our duty to God overshadow our joy in being alive and able to enjoy the world that He's given us. So to those who are trying to find a "Christian correlation" to the song and can't line up Jesus and hitting the ATM, so they think of it as not being one of your "Christian songs," what do you say?

Adam: I am 100% for feeling challenged when I listen to music, both musically and intellectually, but I am the minority and I think there's real value in putting aside my "selfish" desires when I write a song in order to reach people with it, that is to say, intentionally write something to connect with the world outside myself. Plus it's just fun!

Kim: Going a little deeper in that same direction, why do you think that people have such a hard time OK'ing believers actually having fun instead of just sitting in church? 

Adam: I don't think people have a hard time OK'ing believers having fun, I believe we have the opposite problem. People think anything goes and maybe what we need is a reality/morality check from time to time.

Kim: Two songs REALLY jumped out at me on the new project - "Speed of Love" and "Silhouette."  Since music really does speak to you where YOU'RE at, I know what those songs said to me (and shared that in my review), but the question is, what story were you sharing with them? 

Adam: They are truthfully just bits and pieces of what I've been through over the course of my life which are not really designed to be shared as complete thoughts or even big-picture snapshots. They are bits of emotions and feelings I've felt over the years and wanted to find homes for them via music. I've honestly never sat down and decided what kind of story I want to share with people via music -- I feel like that might be over thinking it on my part? I think music should be simpler than that!

Kim: Same two songs - who co-wrote them with you and how did their stories blend with yours? 

Adam: Matt Thiessen (from Relient K) and Sam Hollander co-wrote with me on "Speed of Love" and I wrote "Silhouette" on my own.

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