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Matthew West Talks About Going Through the Motions as Parents


Matthew West

Matthew West

Courtesy of Sparrow Records
July 17, 2009


Kim - Being a parent is more than just making sure there is food in the fridge and going to PTA meetings once a year so everyone can see what an involved parent you are. With my husband and I having six kids that range in ages from 9 to 22, I stopped counting the number of other people's kids who call me mom at 50. To this day, even the ones that are grown still call "mom" with problems and issues. Sporting events at school? We're the parents that are sitting there with "bleacher butts" with half the team around us because their own parents were too busy to come. Let's talk about going through the motions as parents.

Matthew West - "My parents were the best example of how to be truly in the mix with your kids. As a kid, I never had to wonder if my dad and mom were going to show up at a ball game. There was never a concern that they might forget my birthday. In fact, all my friends LOVED my parents. I swear, there were some days I wondered if my buddies wanted to come and hang out at my house just to be around my dad. Looking back, I think there may have been some truth to that. They saw in my dad what they longed to see in theirs. So many kids today don’t even know their dad, and many more split time between two parents that wear their parenthood like a bothersome burden."

He continued, "I’ve spent time around some parents that actually seem to resent the fact that the children that THEY brought into the world want their attention! That blows me away. At the same time, I have to ask myself, 'Am I in the mix with my kids? Am giving my children the attention they deserve and long for?'"

"Maybe you’re reading this, and thinking to yourself, 'I was that kid who never got the attention and love I needed from my parents,' Matthew said in closing. "Well, you’re the proof of how crucial a parent’s influence is on the life of a child. We carry our childhood with us. Going through the motions with our kids can leave a huge void in the life of our kids that they will not soon get over. We owe it to them to pursue our children with an undeniable, and relentless love."  

The Challenge

Your challenge today is to look at your children and the level of interaction that you have with them. It is very easy to get so caught up in life, bills, work, etc. that you feel like you just don't have time for "hanging out" with the kids. Have you fallen into that trap?

Matthew West 'Going Through The Motions' Interview Series

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