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Learn more about Christian rapper, KJ-52.

KJ-52 Profile
Learn more about this Dove award winning gospel rapper.

Dove Awards Rap / Hip Hop History
KJ-52 has 4 of the wins in this category.

American Christian Music Awards - 2004
KJ took home 3 awards.

People Are Noticing: KJ-52
There are two white rappers who are connecting with white audiences in Christian music: John Reuben and KJ-52. Both use humor in their songs to great effect.

KJ-52 - Doing Something Right (Interview)
Guest writer Laura Agee spoke with KJ-52.

KJ-52 - '7th Avenue'
KJ’s mission has remained pure, and people are responding.

Top 10 Christian / Gospel Rap Albums
They spit out rhymes like other rappers ... but their words are deeper, more profound and definitely God-inspired. Gospel rap or holy hip-hop gets more popular every year and reaches places all over the globe.

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