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If you like Christian Rock Band BarlowGirl, You Should Check Out...

... Girls that rock!


Becca, Alyssa, and Lauren Barlow are best known to the world as BarlowGirl. The three sisters from Elgin, Illinois live together, work together, worship together and make incredible music together.

Signed by Fervent in 2003, their self-titled debut came out in 2004. Since then they have released three other albums, been nominated for several Dove Awards, and had the longest running #1 song in both 2004 and 2005.

They've got a great rock sound that blends incredible harmonies with music that will get you on your feet, but they're not the only ones that make that sound work. So if you like BarlowGirl, Check Out...

1. Krystal Meyers

Krystal Meyers
Krystal Meyers was only 16 when she was signed by Essential Records. Her debut album was a hit with four top ten singles ("The Way To Begin," "My Savior," "Anticonformity" and "Fire"), and she garnered a Dove nomination for Best New Artist.

Krystal Meyers Starter Songs

2. Natalie Grant

Natalie Grant
Curb Records
At 17, Natalie Grant started out arranging music for her youth choir in Seattle, Washington. From there she moved into a position with the group Truth, singing with them for two years before heading to Nashville to pursue a solo career. Six albums later, Natalie is still making music for Christ and we're all reaping the benefits.

Natalie Grant Starter Songs

3. Rebecca St. James

Rebecca St. James
Rebecca St. James was born in Sydney, Australia in 1977. At the age of 16, this GRAMMY winner was introduced to the world through her self-titled debut. Since then she has released nine more albums, gone Gold twice, won three Doves and been named "the most influential woman in Christian music" by Crosswalk.com.

Rebecca St. James Starter Songs

4. Superchick


In 1999, Superchick made their live debut before 5000 kids at an Audio Adrenaline show and then before thousands more at Lifefest. A year later they self-released an eight-song EP and started touring with Teen Mania's Acquire the Fire. Before long, Inpop Records signed the group and five albums later, they're still rockin' the crowds for Christ.

Superchick Starter Songs

5. ZOEgirl

Courtesy of Sparrow Records
ZOEgirl was a Christian band made up of Chrissy Conway-Katina, Alisa Childers and Kristin Swinford-Schweain that hit the scene in 2000 with four top-five radio hits. A Dove awards, three full-length albums and one EP later, the group broke up to pursue their individual goals.

ZOEgirl Starter Songs

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