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The Kingsman are Back


The Kingsman

The Kingsman

Courtesy of Crossroads
Crossroads Music is pleased to announce that effective immediately. America's Favorite Quartet, the Kingsmen, are back.

Charles Burke, President of Gospel Music Enterprises, Inc, of Maiden, NC, announced that his company had transferred the name "The Kingsmen" to Carolina Entertainment, Inc, dba The Carolina Boys, Ray Reese, President.

"During a period of uncertainty after the passing of Eldridge Fox, his legal representatives transferred the name to us. We knew that it was his wish to have the group continue and I thought we might do it ourselves, but the time just wasn't right," Burke said. "We decided to just hold it for safekeeping," he added.

"Over the past couple of years," says Burke, "the Carolina Boys have shown stability in their desire to continue the legacy that Eldridge began. This industry needs 'The Kingsmen' and now that will be official."

According to Reese, "We will begin using the name immediately, as will our partners at The Harper Agency and Horizon Records."

Mickey Gamble of Crossroads Music said in a press release,"We are thrilled that this group - which has worked hard to carry on the Kingsmen tradition - is now reunited with the name." Chris White of Crossroads Music added, "I know it was Eldridge's wish that the group continue on. In fact, that was his direct comment to me during a visit I had with him not long before his passing. I'm sure he's happy today."

A Kingsmen release is scheduled on Horizon Records / Crossroads Music for October.

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