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Win This War - A Christian CD Aimed At Helping Men Achieve Sexual Purity


Win This War

Win This War

Fred Stoeker
Christian author Fred Stoeker knows first hand how sexual sin can damage lives and relationships. Twenty years of struggling with pornographic materials didn't suddenly end when he gave his life to Jesus or when he got married in 1981. Despite his struggles to overcome his problems, the negative effects of his sexual sin did lessen his intimacy with God and with his wife Brenda.

The Stanford University grad couldn't take it anymore, so he embarked on a study of Christian literature on marriage while reviewing his studies on Human Sexuality from Stanford. Before long, God had used Job 31:1 and Luke 6:46 to begin to break the stranglehold that sexual sin had over his life.

Fred dedicated his life to helping other men break the cycle and has written several books aimed at the topic of sexual sin.

His latest book, Tactics (Securing the Victory in Every Young Man's Battle), (compare prices), as well as a personal history of Christian music making positive in-roads in his life, inspired him to create a CD so other men could benefit from the lessons that he's learned. Chuck Dennie, formerly of By the Tree, joined him in producing Win This War.

Music from By the Tree, Matthew West, Michael O'Brien (formerly of Newsong), downhere, Mike Weaver (Big Daddy Weave), Chuck Dennie, Darcy Bennett (Lee Spoken) and Aaron Blanton (By the Tree) tells about the cost of sin in our relationship with God, repentance and fighting for victory over that sin, and our relationships with the Lord and with the opposite sex – and what sexual purity means in those relationships.

Win This War Track List

  • The Lie - Matthew West
  • Rest Well - Lee Spoken
  • Flowers Bloom - Lee Spoken
  • Grown Man - downhere
  • Change - By the Tree
  • Win This War - Chuck Dennie
  • God of All Mercy - Michael O'Brien
  • Let Your Healing Come - Chuck Dennie
  • Destiny - Chuck Dennie
  • Love of Christ - Aaron Blanton
  • Miracle of You - Michael O'Brien
  • When Love Takes You In - Mike Weaver

Some of the musical contributors have never actually met Fred, but wanted to help him spread this awesome message. Others know Fred personally and share a heart for helping men stay pure. One contributor used Fred's message to overcome his own sexual sins. Win This War's web site offers information on each musician and how they came to join the project.

With three young men of my own (ages 19, 18 and 16), I support this project wholeheartedly. In many cases, regardless of how well you communicate with your young men, sex is still a difficult topic to discuss. One of my boys summed it up with the comment, "Talking to your parents about sex is, well, ewwwww. Awkward, you know?" Win This War can definitely help ease that particular pain.

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