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Newsboys - Michael Tait, Duncan Phillips, Jeff Frankenstein and Jody Davis. Frontman Peter Furler stepped down in 2009 after 22 years and more than 2000 shows. With five gold albums, sales exceeding six million units, 26 No.1 radio hits, and a mantle of Dove Awards as well as Grammy nominations, newsboys has achieved amazing success in its two decades together.

In the past 25+ years, Newsboys has become favorites all over the globe. Five gold albums, sales of over six million units, 27 #1 radio hits, and a mantle full of Dove Awards only tell a part of the story.

Newboys Photo Gallery
Newboys Photo Gallery - Photos of Newsboys

Newsboys on Tour 2013
The Inpop band newsboys is going to be spending a lot of time on the road in 2013.

Top Newsboys Songs
Since their formation in the late 80s, Newsboys have had twenty-one #1 radio hits, 5 gold records and they have sold over 6 million albums. They have won 2 Dove awards, formed their own record label (Inpop Records) and have been featured in more secular media outlets than most Christian bands.

Your Favorite Newsboys Song - Share Your Favorite Song By The Newsboys
Your Favorite Newsboys Song - Share Your Favorite Song By The Newsboys

Newsboys - 'God's Not Dead'
'God's Not Dead' is one of those rare gems where everything just works!

Who Sings "In Christ Alone?"
The song was written in 2002 by Stuart Townend and Keith Getty.

Newsboys - Devotion CD Review
The second worship album from the Newsboys has material that is definitely not the witty Newsboys approach we've grown to expect over the past 16 years.

newsboys Recording devotion
EMI CMG /Sparrow Records' internationally renowned band, newsboys, is currently in the studio recording its highly anticipated album, devotion.

Top Christian Rock Bands
Newsboys is, by far, one of the top Christian rock bands of today.

newsboys Sign With Inpop Records
With over five million units sold to date, the Dove Award-winning band newsboys recently joined Inpop Records' artist roster.

Newsboys Ready Fans for Pepsi 300
Sparrow Records internationally acclaimed rock group, Newsboys, hosted a pre-race concert last Saturday, April 10 for the Pepsi 300 NASCAR Busch Series.

Australia's National Christian Music Charts Name The Top Songs Of 2005
"I Love Your Ways" made the list.

Top 10 Christian Albums of 2004
Newsboys have one of the Top 10 best Christian albums of 2004.

Newsboys Build Tent Village For Hurricane Katrina Relief Workers
The Grammy nominated rock band, newsboys, constructed 20 tents for the temporary housing of relief workers in the Hurricane Katrina-ravaged city of Gulfport.

Interview: Duncan Phillips from Newsboys (2004)
Duncan Phillips talks about setting a single show attendance record for any genre' at the Ohio State Fair, NASCAR and much more.

Interview: Duncan Phillips from Newsboys (2003)
Duncan Phillips talks about being on the road, the band and much more.

Newsboys Official Site
You can find tons of pics, music and videos on the official Newsboys site as well as feeds and links to their social media sites.

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