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Matthew West Photo Gallery

The Life of Christian Artist Matthew West in Pictures


Singer/songwriter Matthew West started out as an independent musician in the late '90s. After releasing three albums on his own, he was signed by Universal South Records in 2003, where he stayed for five years and two albums. In 2007, he suffered some vocal cord problems and went through a surgical procedure that could have been career ending. The world heard his fully recovered voice a year later in '08 when his Sparrow Records debut, Something To Say, came out to critical acclaim.
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Matthew West 2008Matthew West (2008)Sanctus Real, Matthew West and WAY-FMMatthew West with Sanctus RealMatthew West Matthew West (2004)Matthew West on At Home-LIVE
Matthew West with Amy GrantMatthew West with VeggieTales' Mike NawrockiMatthew West Chats with Salem Radio Network’s The FISH

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