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Learn more about Christian rockers Pillar

'Where Do We Go From Here' - CD Review
The latest release from Pillar takes them back to what they do best - hard rock with a little rapcore and a lot of melody.

Similar Bands to P.O.D. – Christian Hard Rock Bands Like P.O.D.
Pillar members Rob Beckley (vocals), Lester Estelle (drums), Noah Henson (guitar ), and Kalel (bass) started playing together in 1998 and they rock as hard as P.O.D.

41st Annual Dove Awards Nominees & Winners
Pillar got the nod for Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year, but didn't win in 2010.

2009 Dove Awards
2009 Dove Awards - Pillar is up for Rock Song of the Year and Rock Album of the Year.

2008 GRAMMY Awards
Pillar was nominated for Best Rock Or Rap Gospel Album.

Top 40 Christian Songs of 2008
Pillar had one of the hottest songs in 2008.

Christian / Gospel Song of the Week - Wherever The Wind Blows (2006)
The Christian / Gospel song of the week for the week of November 13, 2006 is "Wherever The Wind Blows," by Pillar.

Christian / Gospel Song of the Week - Hypnotized (2005)
The song of the week for the week of February 21, 2005 is "Hypnotized" by Pillar.

2003 In Review & Resolutions
2003 in review and New Year's Resolutions from Kalel from Pillar.

Pillar Official Site

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