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Who is Adam Agee from Stellar Kart?


Stellar Kart - Adam Agee - Lead Singer

Stellar Kart - Adam Agee - Lead Singer

Photo Courtesy of Word Records
Question: Who is Adam Agee from Stellar Kart?
Answer: Birth name: Adam B. Agee

Nickname in band: “A” or AJ

Age: 32 (in 2012)

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Musical influences: Green Day, Simple Plan, The Starting Line, Audio Adrenaline, Delirious, Switchfoot, Journey, Gin Blossoms...

Hobbies: golf, basketball, football, hunting, fishing, hanging out with my wife

Greatest struggle as a teenager and how you coped: I attended four different high schools in four years and had to deal with meeting new people and making new friends each time my family moved. Through church and youth group I was able to make friends and still have a good high school experience.

Advice for youth today: Don’t worry about what others think of you. Learn a second language. Play an instrument. Have fun with life and don’t take anything for granted.

Random personal fact: I was arrested when I was 17 for fishing in a neighborhood man-made lake. Two of my friends and I were fishing at night, and the cops came and busted us. I was arrested for trespassing, and they confiscated my fishing pole. I had to go to a class for troubled teens and write a letter of apology to the city of Glendale for the horrible thing I did.

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