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Mainstream Music Suitable for Christian Radio

Bands Not Normally Heard on Christian Radio

By Frank Rasenberger

Frank Rasenberger (cnlupar@ozconnect.net) is a pastor and a DJ on Christian radio in Australia. Calling on his vast experience, he has put together an excellent list of mainstream music that is suitable for Christian radio. The songs are listed alphabetically, by artist.

Note: Should you have any suggestions for additional songs for this list, please contact Frank directly at cnlupar@ozconnect.net.







  • Farnham, John - Age Of Reason, All Kinds Of People, Angels, Days Of The New, Have A Little Faith In Us, Help ('Live'), Simple Life, That's Freedom ('Live'), You're The Voice

  • Fastball - Out Of My Head, The Way

  • Finn, Tim - Fraction Too Much Friction, Made My Day

  • Franklin, Aretha - Chain Of Fools, Respect



  • Harrison, George - What Is Life?

  • Hewett, Colleen - Day By Day

  • Hollies, The - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

  • Hooters, The - All You Zombies

  • Houston, Cissy - God Don't Ever Change

  • Houston, Whitney - Judgement Day

  • Houston, Whitney (with Mariah Carey) - You Can Do Miracles

  • Human Nature - People Get Ready

  • Hunters & Collectors - Tears Of Joy



  • Kansas - Dust In The Wind

  • King, Carole - You've Got A Friend (James Taylor also did this), Way Up Yonder

  • Kiss - God Gave Rock And Roll To You

  • Kool & The Gang - Respect Yourself

  • Kravitz, Lenny - Rosemary, Let Love Rule

  • Kristofferson, Kris - One Day At A Time (Daniel O'Donnell also does this), Why Me Lord (Daniel O'Donnell also does this)


  • Laine, Cleo - Day By Day (from the Godspell musical)

  • Lanois, Daniel - Amazing Grace (features the vocals of Aaron Neville), The Maker

  • Lennon, John - Crippled Inside, Watching The Wheels

  • Lennox, Annie - Why

  • Lighthouse Family - High, Lifted

  • Little River Band - Help Is On Its Way

  • Living End, The - All Torn Down

  • Luke, Tony - Crossroads, Never Ending Circles

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