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Christian Rappers

If you love Christian rap, this list of the top Christian rappers is for you. Find information on rappers like FLAME and Bizzle, to name a few.
  1. dcTalk

What is Christian Rap?
Christian Rap, Holy Hip Hop, Gospel Rap or Christ Hop; it doesn't matter what you call it, it's all about glorifying God.

Christian Rappers
Meet some of today's most popular Christian rappers and Gospel Hip Hop artists.

Christian Rap Music Videos
From Bobby Bishop to Json to Manafest -- find the best Christian rap videos all in one convenient spot.

Playlist: Christian Rap Songs
Get ready for the summer of 2014 with a fun, yet hard-hitting, Christian rap playlist.

Rap / Hip-Hop Albums You May Not Know, But Should Know About
Christian Rap and Hip-Hop fans all know the "big names" in the genre' ... DC Talk, Grits, T-Bone, KJ-52, etc. But what about the less popular, but still talented "little guys?" The Top 5 Rap / Hip-Hop Albums You May Not Know, But Should Know About is an introduction to some talent that you really should get to know.

Top 10 Christian / Gospel Rap Albums of All Time
They spit out rhymes like other rappers ... but their words are deeper, more profound and definitely God-inspired. Gospel rap or holy hip-hop gets more popular every year. Here are the Top 10 Gospel Rap Albums of all time.

Ever since his 2010 release of "You Got Some Explaining to Do," a song written to/about Jay-Z and the negative references to Jesus he has in his lyrics, Bizzle has grown an even bigger fan base. On his official site, look for music you can download for free, pieces called "Eye Openers," where he points out hard truths about the mainstream entertainment industry and the pitfalls surrounding it, and music from other artists that he listens to.

Bobby Bishop
Learn more about Bobby Bishop

DJ Maj
This flash site has information on shows, a discography, photos, lyrics and sound clips.

FLAME, a.k.a. Marcus T. Williams-Gray, is one of Cross Movement Records' artists. On his official site you can find photos, news, testimonies, sermons, devotions and music.

Group 1 Crew
Group 1 Crew has come a long way since we first heard them on 'WOW Hits 2007.' Learn more about the popular group.

Humble Tip
This new rapper's official MySpace lets you hear his music, see his videos and learn more about his ministry.

iRocc Williams
iRocc Williams, whose name stands for I Rely On Christ Completely (Proverbs 3:5), has his major label debut at only 13-years-old.

James Daniels
Virginia's James Daniels brings a blend of smooth R&B and killer beats to a very strong message, making himself a man to be heard! On his site you can hear sound clips and see for yourself.

A relationship KJ had with Gotee Records' Todd Collins led to him getting signed by Essential. His full-length debut album released in April of 2000.

This new face in the rap/hip - hop game is going to be around for a long time.

Learn more about the popular rapper, Lecrae.

Manafest -- he raps, he sings and he generally rocks your socks off! On his official site, you can find videos, music, the latest news, wallpapers to download and plenty of photos.

Stellar, Dove and Grammy nominee, Pettidee, is one of the pioneers of the holy hip hop game. On his site you can check out videos, learn where he's going to be performing and find out more about the man himself.

Rhymz Suhreal
If you're looking for all things Rhymz, this is the place to go. Find lyrics, MP3s, gear, pics and more at their official site.

Sean C. Johnson
On this Gospel Neo Soul / Hip Hop artist's official site, you can listen to music, watch videos, check out photos and find out where he'll be performing.

The man known as The Lyrical Assassin offers a ton of stuff on his official site. Look for a complete discography, a tour schedule, wallpaper downloads and photos. The site is being updated to include a chat room and audio/video clips.

The Cross Movement
Cross Movement Ministries and Cross Movement Records are both great places to get information on the group. From photos to wallpapers to concert dates with a lot in between, you'll find it all here.

I AM THI'SL - The official website of recording artist THI'SL offers photos, full length songs, videos and his story - a powerful testimony of a life changed by God.

He's won a total of 19 Dove awards as solo artist and as a member of dcTalk, as well as 4 Grammy's. He's recorded three solo albums and co-written one book. Who is tobyMac?

Urban D
This national hip-hop artist, author and Pastor has news, music, tour news and videos on his official site.

Washington Projects
You may remember them as The Souljahz, a Dove award winning band that seemed to disappear from sight. Siblings Je’kob and Rachael Washington are back, and they're better than ever!

On this hip-hop artist's site, you can hear his music, see a photo gallery, read the latest news and watch videos.

When I am looking for the latest gospel rap news, release info, videos and songs, I go to Rapzilla because they have it all on a site that is easy to navigate and fun to visit.

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