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Polar Express - DVD

The Basics

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Polar Express - DVD

Polar Express - DVD

  • 2 Discs

  • 100 minutes

  • Rating - G

The Review

Destined to become the It's A Wonderful Life for this generation, The Polar Express is a touching story about a boy who has started to "grow out of" his belief in Santa until one magical Christmas Eve, when he boards the train that takes him to the North Pole. Produced using "performance capture," which accurately translates live performances into all-digital characters, the animation is so life-like that it's almost eerie.

Another plus in it's favor is that unlike so many great books that are turned into mediocre movies, The Polar Express stays true to the book, which was a nice surprise. Wringing 100 minutes out of a 30 page book couldn't have been an easy task! Of course, Tom Hanks, who actually plays five of the characters, does a superb job.

Some people have really questioned some of the scenes as being appropriate (like when the train skids out of control on the frozen lake) and have wondered how a loving "Santa figure" could allow things like that to happen on his watch. To me, those moments added depth since bad things and near-misses happen to good people day in and day out. Our loving Heavenly Father never promised us a smooth ride, but like the movie itself, everything does work out in the end.

The Extras

The 2-Disc Special Edition DVD includes -

  • Never-before-heard "Smokey and Steamer" song

  • Two exciting Polar Express Challenges kids can play

  • Josh Groban Music Video: Josh Groban at the Greek performing the ACADEMY AWARD®-nominated original song "Believe"

  • Behind the Scenes of "Believe"

  • Tom Hanks interviews: Hear about Tom Hanks' 5 unique roles, how each character was different, and what it took for him to bring each one to life

  • Behind-the-scenes secrets
    • Performance Capture

    • Virtual Camera

    • Hair and Wardrobe

    • Creating the North Pole

    • Music
  • Chris Van Allsburg interviews: The author discusses his artistic background and how he conceived the idea for The Polar Express book

  • Filmmaker interviews: Moviemakers' Christmas Memories

  • THQ Polar Express Game Demo
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