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New Christian Songs - September 2013

New Christian Music on Radio


The "New Christian Songs" list features the best new contemporary, rock and worship songs coming to Christian radio stations near you. These are tunes that you don't want to miss that will be going for adds this month!

"All You've Ever Wanted" - Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns - All You've Ever Wanted
Reunion Records

Casting Crowns has a new album and book coming out called Thrive. There is no release date that has been announced yet but "All You've Ever Wanted" is the first stunning single.

"Restore" - Chris August

Chris August - The Upside of Down
Fervent Records/Word

A sad song about marriage and how for so many, it's no longer a "until death do us part" thing (rather being more of a "until you make me mad or I get tired of you" thing), "Restore" comes to us from The Upside of Down.

"He Is With Us" - Love & The Outcome

Love & The Outcome - Love & The Outcome
Word Records

The lead single from the duo's debut release, Love and the Outcome, "He Is With Us" reminds us that even when our faith has been shaken, God is still with us.

"Your Grace Finds Me" - Matt Redman

Matt Redman - Your Grace Finds Me
Sparrow Records

The title track from Matt's September 24th upcoming release was recorded at the LIFT Worship Leader Collective in Atlanta in front of 1,500 worship leaders. It reminds us that God's grace finds us in every moment - from creation to the cross to eternity.

"Pieces" - Meredith Andrews

Meredith Andrews - Worth It All
Word Entertainment

The second single from Worth It All has more of a pop flavor than we're used to from Meredith but don't let that scare you. Her lyrics are still spot on and this song serves as a gentle reminder that no matter how broken we are, God knows how to make all of our pieces fit back together.

"Live With Abandon" - Newsboys

Newsboys - Restart
Sparrow Records

The first single from Newsboys' latest album, Restart challenges us to stop chasing the kudos of the world and fully live our lives for Jesus.

"Holding Nothing Back" - Ryan Stevenson

Ryan Stevenson - Holding Nothing Back EP
gotee Records

The first Gotee release for Ryan Stevenson is a 4-song EP titled Holding Nothing Back EP. It's a great introduction to those who didn't catch him when he was with bec Recordings. The title track goes quite well, thematically, with "Live With Abandon" from Newsboys as it proclaims that we should hold nothing back from our Savior.

"That's How You Forgive" - Shane & Shane

Shane & Shane - Bring Your Nothing

The lead single from the May 14 release, Bring Your Nothing, is pure Shane & Shane, dripping with lyrics that go straight from their hearts to ours.

"Love Take Me Over" - Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman - The Glorious Unfolding

  • The lead single from The Glorious Unfolding, due to hit stores on October 1st, is about Steven Curtis Chapman's belief in the truth of Romans 5:1-5, which he and his family have lived.
  • More New Christian Songs to Listen For in September ...

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