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'Conspiracy No. 5' - Third Day



Third Day - Conspiracy No. 5

Third Day - Conspiracy No. 5

This album won the 1998 Dove Rock Album of the Year award and "Alien" won the 1998 Dove Rock Song of the Year award.

Conspiracy No. 5, 1997

  1. Peace - Chords
  2. You Make Me Mad - Tab
  3. How's Your Head - Chords | lyrics
  4. Alien - Solo Tab
  5. I Deserve - Chords
  6. Have Mercy - Solo Tab
  7. My Hope Is You - Chords
  8. More To This - Chords
  9. This Song Was Meant For You - Chords
  10. Who I Am - Chords
  11. Give Me a Reason - Chords
  12. Gomer's Theme - Chords
  13. Your Love Endures - Chords

Listen for ...

  • "My Hope Is You" (Not quite as good as the live version on Offerings, but still a stand-out track.)

  • "Have Mercy" (Southern rock at it's finest.)

  • "Give Me a Reason" (This song is so easy to relate to, that it simply had to make the list.)

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