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Top Songs by Gospel Rapper tobyMac


As a solo artist, tobyMac has won 9 Dove Awards. As a member of dcTalk, he won 4 GRAMMYs and another 16 Doves. That makes for a lot of great music with tobyMac's mark on it.

Every tobyMac fan has their own personal favorite songs and I'm no different. These are the best 10 tobyMac songs that will always have prominent spots in my MP3 player.

"In The Air"

tobyMac - Momentum
ForeFront Records

"In The Air" is a fun up-beat song about a serious subject ... the rapture and the fear of those that you love being left behind.

    We made beats and we even wrote rhymes
    And played golf, I think, a million times
    Now we never got around to spiritual matters
    But we sure made time for our mindless chatter


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"Do You Know (Mcanany Remix)"

tobyMac - Re:Mix Momentum

tobyMac outdoes himself on this remix by adding a programmed Indian rhythm and soaring strings.

    This goes out to my little man t Mac
    For all the junk you've been carrying on your back
    My burden's easy and My yoke is a featherweight
    And this you know yet you're still a man of little faith


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"Extreme Days"

tobyMac - Momentum
ForeFront Records

Simply put, "Extreme Days" rocks!

    Got hip to Kiss and I tripped on Zeppelin
    So Mr. Therapist, "Why did I go this direction?"
    God had a plan to end all my schemes
    I had a dream He said to be ... extreme


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"Made To Love"

tobyMac - Alive And Transported

This tune is 110% worship (with a different beat than most "worship" songs) and one of my all-time tobyMac favorites.

    I was made to love you
    I was made to find you
    I was made just for you
    Made to adore you
    I was made to love

"Me Without You"

tobymac - Eye On It
Forefront Records

Guaranteed to get you on your feet with the blood rushing through your veins, "Me Without You" reminds us that us without Jesus is like peanut butter without jelly -- you can eat it (or live it), but it won't be nearly as good or fulfilling.

    That I'd be packin' my bags when I need to stay
    I'd be chasin' every breeze that blows my way
    I'd be building my kingdom just to watch it fade away
    So true
    That's me without You


tobymac - Renovating Diverse City

The remix of "Gone" has a sweet electronic twist.

    I wanna know, wanna know what you were thinkin'
    I can't imagine why it didn't even sink in
    They say you never know what you got till it's gone
    (Never know what you got till it's gone)


tobyMac - Momentum
ForeFront Records

This tune mixes worship and rock. A perfect combination.

    I'm Yours
    Take me as I am
    I'm Yours
    So take this space between us and fill it up again


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"What's Goin' Down"

tobyMac - Momentum
ForeFront Records

"What's Goin' Down" is, in a word, funky.

    Take a look around
    Everything is comin' down
    Do you hear the subtle sounds
    Of our morality slippin'
    People on the go
    We'll be reapin' what we sow
    Yeah we say we want to know
    But I got my suspicions


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Award Winners

"Somebody's Watching"

Borrowing the chorus from the popular song by Rockwell, "Somebody's Watching" is a tobyMac fave. The song won the Dove Awards Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song of the Year award in 2002.

    I always feel like somebody's watchin' me
    Watch baby, watch baby, He got my back
    See I'm down with the King
    So I got it like that


"The Slam"

"The Slam" was tobyMac's response to The Passion of The Christ and it rocks all the way to the theater. The song won the Dove Awards Rock Recorded Song of the Year award in 2006.

    So run like the wind from the sin of your past
    Keep your eyes on the prize when they put you on blast
    It's the Christ on the cross, it's humanity's shot
    It's a worldwide call to everything that we're not


"City on our Knees"

A song about a world where we are all together - believing together, worshiping together without the things that separate us getting in the way is what Toby says "City on our Knees" is about. The song won the Dove Awards Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year award in 2010.

    Tonight's the night
    For the sinners and the saints
    Two worlds collide in a beautiful display
    It's all love tonight
    When we step across the line
    We can sail across the sea
    To a city with one king
    A city on our knees


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