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Todd Agnew In Concert

An Acoustic Evening With Jason Gray And Todd Agnew


Todd Agnew

Todd Agnew

Ardent Records

Jason Gray and Todd Agnew will kick off their first tour together this fall with "An Acoustic Evening With Jason Gray And Todd Agnew." Opening up on September 28th in Bend, Oregon, the tour will run through November 12th, where it will end in South Padre Island, Texas.

In a press release, the two popular artists talked about their excitement over touring together.

Jason Gray said, "There are few people I've met who are as passionate about Jesus and His Kingdom than Todd Agnew. His relentless pursuit of the heart of God is infectious and comes through everything he does: his artistry, his speech, and the way he conducts his life. I'm grateful to make music and tell our story together, but I'm most excited to pursue Jesus with Todd Agnew."

"I've been a friend and a fan of Jason Gray for quite a few years now," Todd added. "Both of his last two records have really impacted my life, so I'm really excited about sharing a stage with him this fall."

Todd Agnew 2012 Concert Dates

Dates 7/9 - 7/13/12 Durango, CO (Todd only)
9/28 Bend, OR
9/29 Philomath, OR
10/5 Salt Lake City, UT
10/7 Dexter, NM
10/11 Elizabethtown, KY
10/12 - 10/13 Titusville, FL
10/27 Tulsa, OK
10/28 Jamestown, NY
11/2 Wabash, IN
11/3 West York, IL
11/4 Liberty Township, OH
11/11 Smithfield, PA
11/12 South Padre Island, TX
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