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BarlowGirl Top Picks Songs

What BarlowGirl Listens To




Courtesy of GOA
The three sisters who make up BarlowGirl have come together to pick out some of their favorite Christian music.

  • "Enough" - Chris Tomlin (Purchase/Download) -
      We love this song! We actually did you own cover of it. It's such a great picture of who our God is.
  • "One More Night" - Inhabited
      We love how real this song is! It paints such an amazing picture and really shows the band's heart through it.
  • "Romans 12:1" - Todd Agnew
      His music is so real and has had so much impact in people's lives. This song is one that we love to worship to.
  • "Spending Time" - Stellar Kart (Purchase/Download)
      Playing shows with these guys are always some of our favorites-their energy and heart for ministry is awesome. We love this song cause of its honesty.
  • "No One Else Knows" - Building 429 (Purchase/Download)
      This song is beautiful! It's one that we continue to turn up whenever we are in the car. Jason's voice is amazing.
  • "No One Like You" - David Crowder Band (Purchase/Download)
  • "Stay" - Joy Williams (Purchase/Download)
  • "Run" - Kutless (Purchase/Download)
  • "Great Lengths" - PRF (Compare Prices)
  • "Look What You've Done" - Tree 63 (Purchase/Download)

This list is courtesy of Song Touch and is reprinted by permission.

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