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CCM's Top 100 Greatest Songs in Christian Music to Be Revealed in New Book

Book and Music Recordings To Be Released This Fall


Warren Barfield

Dan Raines (CTW), Warren Barfield, producer Jim Cooper, Gabriel Vasquez (CTW)

Courtesy of CTW
CCM Magazine, the popular Christian music magazine covering Christian music for more than 25 years, has partnered with Creative Trust Workshop (CTW) and Integrity Publishers to launch a new music series, CCM’s Top 100 Greatest Songs in Christian Music.

The series will feature four music recordings produced by Creative Trust Workshop and a book published by Integrity Publishing based on CCM Magazine’s selection of the 100 best songs ever recorded by Christian music artists.

“This is the essential collection of Christian music songs, compiled not only for their importance to Christian music, but for their impact on the lives of artists and music fans,” said Roberta Croteau, associate publisher of Salem Publishing, publisher of CCM, in a press release. “And, we’re incredibly excited to also have a companion set of CDs for the book, a first of its kind.”

CCM’s Top 100 Greatest Songs in Christian Music, published by Integrity Publishers, will hit stores in early October. The book will reveal the ranking of the top 100 songs that were chosen by a group of journalists, industry experts and Christian music fans via an Internet survey. Each of the 100 songs is featured with behind the scene type details, interviews, facts and photos, to provide insight into that song’s impact in Christian music and on music fans.

“Integrity Publishers is pleased to be able to present the book, CCM’s Top 100 Greatest Songs in Christian music,” said Rob Birkhead, senior vice president of marketing for Integrity Publishers. “Every fan of Christian music can name the song or songs that have impacted their lives in small ways and in life-changing ways. The book is full of these kinds of memories and reminds us why Christian music is so powerful.”

Four music recordings are scheduled to be released between September 2004 and June 2005. Each 2-CD volume, produced by Creative Trust Workshop, will feature 25 songs selected from the top 100 list (not in ranked order). Two of the songs on each CD volume will be tribute cuts recorded by current top new artists. The remaining songs on each CD of CCM’s Top 100 Songs in Christian Music will be the original recordings of the top songs.

“It is a privilege for Creative Trust Workshop to produce the recordings for CCM’s Top 100 Greatest Songs in Christian Music,” said Gabriel Vasquez, director of marketing for CTW. “We hope these CDs will become every Christian music fan’s definitive greatest hits collection. And, we believe the tribute cuts on each CD will revitalize classic songs as newer artists’ provide fresh, contemporary interpretation of the songs that personally impacted their lives."

CCM’s Top 100 Greatest Songs in Christian Music, Vol. 1 is set for a September 28th release.

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