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Todd Agnew - Reflection of Something - Behind the Songs


Todd Agnew - Reflection of Something

Todd Agnew - Reflection of Something

We're all familiar with reflections because we see our own every time we pass by a mirror. But what about what we reflect when people look at us? Todd Agnew believes that everything that we say is a reflection of something: our background, our experiences, our thoughts, our feelings. He also believes that everything we do is a reflection of something: the sum total of our likes and dislikes, the culmination of our interests and pursuits, the manifestation of actions both conscious and hidden.

Throughout the two-year journey brought about by the success of his debut album, Grace Like Rain, Todd has taken a great deal of time to really look at the reasons and motivations behind the things he sees, says and does. The results of all of the analysis are what makes up the songs from his sophmore album, Reflection of Something.

Todd feels like the songs on this release chronicle his Christian existence, but he isn't sure how others will see themselves in it. "I'm ready to get this out there, to get it to the people who care about it and experience it, so they can tell me what it is," he explains. "The identity of this record is that it's music that I care about and topics that are where I've been, but as far as what it will really mean to other people, it's still kind of up in the air. That's why I'm looking forward to hearing from other people and figuring out what it is."

Each and every listener of Reflection of Something will take away something different, based on their own lives and reflections. For Todd Agnew himself, the songs reflect the first album and the man who recorded it, not as a copy ... as growth.

Reflection of Something - Song Explanations by Todd Agnew

Something Beautiful - My whole life I tried to do good for God, to earn His love. I was very performance driven. So the idea of being clothed in the righteousness of Christ was a very intriguing concept for me. After all I had attempted and failed, could God really look at me and see the perfection of Christ? What an amazing gift!

Blood On My Hands - I have always had a love for the cross. "Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross" has been a favorite hymn of mine for a few years. And I have a good grip on the depravity of man, well, of me at least. I know I mess up. That's why grace is so important to me. But sometimes I just have to understand how sinful I am and to embrace that it was my sin that sent Jesus to the cross. Only then do I rejoice that He saved me from the death that should have been mine.

Unchanging One - I love the word "immutable." It means that something doesn't change; nothing can change it. Maybe I like it because it's a concept so different from the rest of my life. I have long loved the verse, "He is faithful while I am faithless." The fact that God loves through my very best and very worst never ceases to amaze me. It's actually a very simple song. I looked for love, faith, grace, hope, ...all these things while all along God was there with an unchanging, immutable love for me.

Isaiah 6 - My church was doing a teaching series on worship and I was studying to help us prepare for that. I've always felt that we worship more profoundly when we use God's own words. I'm never going to write a song that compares the the Psalms. So I was studying scripture passages where we find amazing worship events. And of course, Isaiah 6 is one of my favorites. As I was studyng that night, I was moved by the song lifted up in the chapter, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty. The whole earth is full of His glory." I was thinking about just putting that to music so we could use it in a worship experience at church, and as I was working on it, God just completed the song with the rest of the passage.

In The Middle Of Me - I'm a deep thinker. I like things that are profound and probably have a tendency to complicate matters even more than necessary. This song came out of a time when God was working on simplifying my life. I was tryng to write these deep, amazing thoughts, and He just reminded me that sometimes it's not that complicated. Sometimes I just need more of Him and less of me.

My Jesus - We have settled for an inaccurate and incomplete view of Christ. Look in the Bible. Don't just listen to sermons or CDs. Seek Him out. Find out who He really is. That's worth it. I guess the question is, "Have we made Christ a reflection of our dreams or have we sought Him and are trying to become a reflection of Him?"

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