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Hospitality Riders


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Hospitality Riders - What Christian bands eat on the road

On average, Christian bands spend over 275 days a year on the road, traveling from city to city or around the world to deliver the Gospel through music. During that time, they're dependent on the concert promoters to provide meals, hot showers, towels, hotel rooms, transportation around the city and even food and drinks.

While the average American worker goes to the office about 260 days a year, the majority of us get to go home every night. We know we will have access to working bathrooms, hot water and clean towels. If we decide to go out, we have our own transportation and we know where the stores and restaurants are in our area.

Having spent a great deal of time backstage and in hospitality rooms over the years while covering concerts, I know firsthand that not all greenroom food is created equal. Without guidelines and suggestions, touring bands could end up with unhealthy fast food every night. So what do they eat on the road?

*** Note - all meals (ie. breakfast, lunch, dinner) are expected based on when the band arrives. The lists are all more "pick from these choices," not "have all of this available."

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