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HisSong’s Dennis Humphries to Have First Book Published


His Song

His Song

Courtesy of: Southern Spin Entertainment
Updated December 27, 2005
Dennis Humphries, one third of the Diamond Award winning trio HisSong, is writing his first book. The new book will be a detailed description of Dennis’ past struggles with depression after a major tragedy in his marriage and life.

“I have had many, many people ask at our concerts if I was going to write a book about the ordeal with my wife when she was robbed and shot and left for dead,” said Dennis Humphries. “Several months ago, I was approached by a book publisher about writing a book. I prayed about it and felt this was what God wanted me to do. I hope and pray it will help others who have maybe lost a loved one or have been struggling from major depression.”

The book will also go in detail about Dennis’ story of home invasion and his four year struggle with depression. Dennis’ own testimony of how he almost lost his life to the struggle and the redeeming power of God’s love in his life will be the main focus of the book.

“The book will also talk about all the other rough times I have had throughout my life, but it also lets everyone know that God is still with us in depression,” said Dennis. “It was because of my faith in God that helped me through it all.”

The new book will be published by Insight Publishing and will be released in early 2006.

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