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Who Sings That?

Many songs have been recorded and released by several different bands over the years. Find out who has recorded your favorite song in Who Sings That?

Who Sings "Above All?"
Written by Paul Baloche and Lenny LeBlanc (ascap), this song wasn't crafted in a "song-writing session." Paul was sitting alone at a piano, worshipping God, when the thought of Jesus being "above all" of the things that we hold as important, (money, power, fame) came to him. The next day he shared the verse with Lenny LeBlanc and the rest, as...

Who Sings Amazing Grace?
Amazing Grace has been recorded by countless Christian artists, as well as secular artists (some that may surprise you).

Who Sings Beautiful?
How many versions are there of Christian songs titled Beautiful?

Who Sings Beautiful One?
Tim Hughes wrote and recorded Beautiful One. By The Tree, Chris Tomlin and Jeremy Camp have also released the song.

Who Sings Blessed Be Your Name
Written and originally released by Matt Redman, Blessed Be Your Name has been released by several other artists.

Who sings "Forever?"
Who sings "Forever?" Can you name some of the bands that have released the popular song?

Who Sings "God of Wonders?"
"God of Wonders" has been released by several popular artists and though the song itself is the same, their interpretations each give it a little something different.

Who Sings "Here I Am to Worship?"
The song, written originally by Tim Hughes, has become a popular favorite.

Who Sings "I Can Only Imagine?"
Made famous by MercyMe, "I Can Only Imagine" has been recorded by Christian artists as well as mainstream artists.


Who Sings "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever?"
Artists from all over the world have recorded the popular worship song by Martin Smith.

Who Sings "In Christ Alone?"
There are two very popular songs called "In Christ Alone." The first one was made popular by Michael English. The second one was made famous by newsboys.

Who Sings "People Need the Lord?"
Several different artists have released the song. Find out which singers it is and find links to lyrics, sound clips and price comparisons.

What is Your Favorite Version of "People Need the Lord?"
Share your favorite version of "People Need the Lord"

Who Sings "The Old Rugged Cross?"
Find out which Christian singers have released the most popular versions of "The Old Rugged Cross."

Who Sings What Child is This?
Written by William Dix in 1865, What Child is This? has become a Christmas classic. Several contemporary Christian artists have released the song on Christmas albums.

Who Sings "You are God?"
Who Sings "You are God?" Which bands and artists have released a song with this title?

Who Sings You Are My All in All?
The song has been released three times.

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