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Who Sings "Blessed Be Your Name?"


Matt Redman

Matt Redman

Courtesy of Matt Redman
Newsboys - Devotion

Newsboys - Devotion

Matt Redman, one of the most prolific songwriters of our generation, is the creative force behind "Blessed Be Your Name." He released it on Where Angels Fear to Tread in 2002. Four other artists have recorded and released it as well.


Matt Redman

Where Angels Fear to Tread, 2002

Matt Redman takes basic guitar rock and adds strong background vocals from a choir and you get a seriously powerful song.



Devotion, 2004

Featuring guest vocalist Rebecca St. James, Newsboys' version of Redman's song is a winner. The harmonies that they achieve are nothing short of awesome.

Rebecca St. James

Live Worship, 2004

Rebecca St. James doing worship ... live ... well, it's a treat for the ears and the heart.

Kathryn Scott

Satisfy, 2003

Kathryn Scott adds a great deal of zest to her version of Matt Redman's tune.

Travis Cottrell

Alive Forever, 2005


The Answer to the Question, 2004

Featuring guest vocals from some Newsboys members, tree63 ads their own spin on this new classic, making it one of my favorite versions of the song.


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