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Who Sings "God of Wonders?"


Written by Steve Hindalong and Marc Byrd, "God of Wonders" has been recorded by several different artists and sounds great, whichever version you listen to.


Caedmon's Call

Caedmon's Call - In The Company Of Angels - A Call To Worship
Essential Records

From the CD In the Company of Angels: A Call to Worship, 2001

Coming back around full-circle, this album was the first self-produced project that Caedmon’s Call released since its independent debut.

Chris Tomlin

Passion - Our Love Is Loud
From the CD Passion: Our Love Is Loud, 2002

Recorded live on the Passion Experience Tour in Atlanta, Georgia and Irvine, California, Chris Tomlin does justice to the solo version of the popular song, and the live setting seems to give it even more feeling.

'City on a Hill: Songs of Worship and Praise' - 2000

City on a Hill: Songs of Worship & Praise
Essential Records

Performed by Third Day's Mac Powell and Cliff and Danielle Young from Caedmon's Call, this version of "God of Wonders" was the first version of this beautiful song as well as the radio release from the album, which was also a first ... the first in the City series.


Kutless - It Is Well
BEC Recordings

From the CD It Is Well, 2009

Kutless gives the classic worship song a rock touch that is just enough without being too much.


Paul Baloche

Paul Baloche - God of Wonders

From the CD God of Wonders, 2001

This live version of the beautiful worship song comes alive on this release, making you feel as though you are in the crowd yourself.

Rebecca St. James

Rebecca St. James - Worship God
ForeFront Records
From the CD Worship God, 2002

The most "different" of the "God of Wonders" versions, Rebecca's cover is still, none-the-less, very recognizable. The music may be a little different, but the sentiment is definitely the same.


Third Day

Third Day - Offerings II: All I Have to Give
Essential Records
From the CD Offerings II: All I Have to Give, 2003

Mac Powell is once again, home with this song. Michael Tait takes on the vocals that were originally done by Cliff and Danielle Young and the sound is different, but it's still home.


Other popular versions include those done by ...


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