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Yolanda Adams Top Songs


Yolanda Adams has won 4 GRAMMY Awards, 4 Dove Awards, 1 American Music Award, 6 NAACP Image Awards, 1 Soul Train Music Award and 3 BET Awards since her first album came out in 1987. With 11 studio albums, two live albums and several compilations to choose from, there are more than a handful of songs that could easily be called her "best."

"Continual Praise"

Yolanda Adams - The Experience
Fred Hammond's song was great but Yolanda's cover, recorded live in Washington, DC on The Experience, was amazing! This album won the GRAMMY for Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album in 2001.

From the song ...

Continual praise, let us all join together
Continual praise, from the past to forever
We were created like angels to praise Him
To raise Him and lift Him high
So let us all just lift His name high to the sky
As we sing shout with our might in continual praise

"Be Still"

Yolanda Adams - Becoming
N-House Music Group
The first single from Yolanda's latest release is a powerful ballad that showcases the smoothness of her voice.

From the song ...

Your best is in my hands, your success is in my plan
With tenderness I speak to you, in restfulness I keep you
I'll wash your fears away so doubt can never stay
When I stand strong in you, I give you power to renew
But You never take the time out,
Sit in silence and to find out
I've always been right here, waiting on you to come near me

"Hold On"

Yolanda Adams - What a Wonderful Time
While "Hold On" is found on What A Wonderful Time, a Christmas album, the song is timeless and full of hope.

From the song ...

No matter how hard it seems
Never give up, always believe
Hold on, hold on to your dreams
Though you're facing adversities
You can still be all you wanna be
Hold on, hold on to your dreams

"Already Alright"

Yolanda Adams - Mountain High Valley Low
The upbeat and poignant "Already Alright" came to us from Mountain High Valley Low. which won the 1999 GRAMMY for Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album and the 2001 Stellar Award for CD of the Year.

From the song ...

When life's problems get you down
Can't find no peace nowhere around
Trust in the spirit you can't see
It's about to bring you your relief
Go ahead and cry now, it's alright
'Cause now you're cryin tears of joy
This life ain't hurting you no more
Cause you know it's already alright

"Take Away"

Yolanda Adams - More Than A Melody
Verity Records
"Take Away" first touched our hearts in 1995 when it appeared on More Than A Melody. The song made a return trip 11 years later on The Essential Yolanda Adams. The song resonates with us so well because we've all begged God to do this in our own lives.

From the song ...

Take away any desire in me that hurts You
Take away anything that stands between You and me
I want to be what You created me to be
It's my desire that You find favor in me
Lord, take away anything that displeases You

"Fly Like An Eagle/Fly Away"

Yolanda Adams - More Than A Melody
Verity Records
Adams' cover of the Steve Miller classic came to us on her fourth studio album, More Than A Melody and she gave it a whole new meaning.

From the song ...

There are times when I would like
To fly away from here
Far this place of hurt and woe
And just disappear
To that place prepared by my love
That is where I'll go
Waiting for that great day 'cause I love Him so

"The Battle Is The Lord's"

Yolanda Adams - The Best Of Yolanda Adams
Verity Records
Some songs are timeless and "The Battle Is The Lord's" is one of those songs. Originally released in 1993, this song has been re-released live and on three of her best of compilations.

From the song ...

No matter what
You happen to go through right now
Remember that in the midst of it all
God only wants to use you
No matter what you're going through
For the battle is not yours
It's the Lord's

"Let Us Worship Him"

The Very Best Of Praise & Worship
Another song from the early days of Yolanda, "Let Us Worship Him" made its first appearance on Save The World. It was also heard on Live in Washington, The Best of Yolanda Adams, The Praise & Worship Songs Of Yolanda Adams, The Essential Yolanda Adams and the 2006 compilation, The Very Best Of Praise & Worship.

From the song ...

All the earth should praise Him
Let us bow down before Him
Let us enter into His gates with thanksgiving
Come before His courts with praise

"Before I Tell Them"

Yolanda Adams - The Essential Yolanda Adams
Verity Records
First heard on 1993's Save The World and re-released on The Essential Yolanda Adams and Playlist: The Very Best Of Yolanda Adams, "Before I Tell Them resonates with any Christian leader.

From the song ...

Before I Tell Them
Lord, please tell me
Before I serve them
Lord, please serve me
How can I lead
Where I've not been?
How can I show
If I don't know?
Before I tell them
Lord, please tell me


"Through The Storm"

Yolanda Adams - Through the Storm
The powerful title track from the 1991 hit album won the 1992 Dove Traditional Gospel Recorded Song Of The Year for good reason. This song has gotten many a person through rough times.

From the song ...

Though the tides become high
He holds me while I ride
I find safety in His arms
While riding through the storm
I have no fear of the raging seas
Knowing Jesus is there for me
He can speak to the wind and the waves
And make them behave

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