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Newsboys in Concert (Winter Jam 2011)

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By Matt Bocan

Newsboys in Concert (Winter Jam 2011)

Michael Tait havin' fun!

Newsboys in Concert (Winter Jam 2011)

Duncan Phillips playing drums spinning in air!

The Artist Shown Is ...

Newsboys Michael Tait and Duncan Phillips on drums!

The Date and Location of the Show

Wells Fargo Arena, Des Moines, Iowa ... Winter Jam 2011. Jan. 21. 6th row next to the catwalk, center stage. Duncan Phillips and his drum set were lifted into the air during the song "I Believe in Miracles" and then rotated in a circle straight up and down! It was awesome!

Lessons Learned

  • They love to perform and sing and give glory to God in their music and concerts!

Your Favorite Song By This Band Is ....

"I Believe In Miracles"

Will You Make a Point to See Them in Concert Again?

YES! I'm flying to San Antonio for their Born Again tour in April.

Kim Jones, About.com Christian Music/Gospel, says:

Thanks for sharing Matt! It sounds like it was an amazing concert. Be sure to let us know how the "Born Again" show turns out in April.

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