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Broken and empty, but you don't care

Share Your Story: God Spoke to Me Through that Song

By graphicssoft

Broken and empty, but you don't care


What song God spoke to me through

Full album, "'Til We See the Shore" by Seabird.

The issue I was facing

I was driving to town and feeling sorry for myself for no real reason when I accidentally hit a wrong thing on my iPod, causing it to switch from my music mix to the Seabird album. It was just what I needed. Somewhere between "Black & Blue" and "Rescue" I realized I had nothing to be feeling sorry about. My day was much improved from there on.


The song says it all:

the earth moves and you find me, alive but unworthy
broken and empty, but you don't care
because you are my rapture, you are my savior
when all my hope is gone, I reach for you
you are my rescue

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