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Everything Looked Black

Share Your Story: God Spoke to Me Through that Song

By Kathy Abrahams

Everything Looked Black

Glen Campbell - Through the Years Live

What song God spoke to me through

Not sure of the title, but it was sung by Glen Campbell, and one of the lines are: One day, little girl, the sadness will leave your face. You'll wake up and see a world that is fine and free.'

The issue I was facing

I was born in a dysfunctional home, and had a mother who took out her frustration on me, and made me feel depressed. She also told me I couldn't do anything, which destroyed my confidence and self esteem. As a result, when I was a teenager, everything looked black when I considered my future, and I had a breakdown. God spoke to me through this song when my marriage was breaking down, and now, a few years later, those words are bearing fruit, and the sadness has left my face and the world is fine and free!


  • If you know in your heart that God has spoken to you, cherish it within your heart. It will strengthen and comfort you when you need it most.

Kim Jones, About.com Christian Music/Gospel, says:

What a beautiful testimony to the power of music and the love of Christ. The song is called "True Grit" and it is beautiful! I'm glad that your "some day" has finally arrived Kathy!

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