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More Of You and Less Of Me

Share Your Story: God Spoke to Me Through that Song

By MuzicMan4Him

More Of You and Less Of Me

Brian Jones and Ricardo Sanchez - Men of Praise 2009

What song God spoke to me through

(Not recorded) Ricardo Sanchez "More Of You Less Of Me" This was a song played during a sound check before a performance in Auburn, Alabama

The issue I was facing

This moment in my life/journey has turned out to be one of those "Defining" moments. Those moments, for most of us, are events that impact, change or shape the course of our lives. For me this was one of many. All my life, there has been something always just outside the edge of my sight but always a glimmer in the distance; something that has continued to call and draw me ever closer.... God..

Now while that may sound very common and cliche it happens to be the truth. My journey is no different than so many others out there outside of the fact that it's My story. It is no more special than anyone else because we all have a story. This part of mine took place one night when my family and I went to hang with our friend Ricardo Sanchez who is an amazing musician and Worship Leader. He came in to do his sound check and he sang "More Of You and Less Of Me" over and over. There were about 20-30 people at the sound check and when he was done every one of them was looking for tissue. What I saw in that moment was what I had been looking for. I later told Ricardo, "I told God that night 'I want to go where Ricardo goes.' Whatever it is he found in you, I want to find it too," and God answered me and showed me something so deep words don't come close to describing it. Time has passed, but that moment will forever be etched into me ... my journey continues and as for that thing that always hung just outside my reach - God walked right into my heart and planted it. I find myself now chasing God rather than waiting on him to find me and in that road of discovery, I have found a place where amazing things happen! My life will forever be defined by More Of You and Less Of Me.... and that's how our walk with God should be..


  • be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it...:)
  • there are undiscovered things both in Worship and Scripture that if you honestly give your heart into the search, God will come find you and speak to you.
  • when God shows up don't believe for a minute that your road will suddenly become a bed of roses because it won't... God promises Life eternal and He promises if you seek you will find, but the truth is the Devil is alive and well and will come to take from you that which you have discovered. It will be hard but just remember he can only have what you give him because you are a child of God.

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