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I Had No Need to Fear

Share Your Story: God Spoke to Me Through that Song


I Had No Need to Fear

Bob Fitts - Proclaim His Power

What song God spoke to me through

"Some May Trust In Chariots" by Bob Fitts

Some may trust in horses, some may trust in chariots But we will trust in the name of our God

The issue I was facing

I was worried about a course exam that I had not adequately prepared for. As I listened to this song, I was enveloped in a cloud (so to speak). My worry gave way to peace. With divine guidance, I prepared for the exam and finished it with a distinction.


  • Remember that liberation comes with His presence and never give in to fear

Kim Jones, About.com Christian Music/Gospel, says:

That is so true Victor. Your story reminds me of Romans 8:14-15. We are adopted children of God, so we have no reason to fear.

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