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Jesus Is On Time Every Time

Share Your Story: God Spoke to Me Through that Song

By Min. Sammy Jackson

Jesus Is On Time Every Time

What song God spoke to me through

"Jesus is Always With You" by Eva Sabioniano and Born To Praise Band. Every song coming from this young Christian artist has been such a blessing.

The issue I was facing

When i was down, out trying push my ministry and find a job, this song came along at the right time. It encouraged me stand and wait on the Lord no matter what comes and goes. Sometime people will think you're doing alright and never know what you're going through. Thank God - he see all things. Eva's ministry is a blessing and God has blessed me to be a part of something which I have always seeked to do all of my life.

Heb 11:1


  • Never give up on the Lord who's in control of everything and all things.

Kim Jones, About.com Christian Music/Gospel, says:

Eva's site is at http://www.evasborntopraiseministry.com/. This is one amazing young lady!

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