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The Fireproof song - Love is not a Battle but it's Worth Fighting For

Share Your Story: God Spoke to Me Through that Song

By m20202

The Fireproof song - Love is not a Battle but it's Worth Fighting For

Fireproof Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

What song God spoke to me through

I asked God in my heart if it was His will for a specific man to be in my future, or whether it was His will for me to continue and hold on or call it even and cut my losses.

The issue I was facing

As I was talking to God, this song played over the radio and for some reason, I payed attention specifically to the words of the song - which were "LOVE IS NOT A BATTLE FIELD BUT IT'S WORTH FIGHTING FOR.....IF LOVE WANTS TO WALK OUT THE DOOR, PRAY THAT GOD WOULD SEND HIS ANGELS TO STOP YOU." I know the words may be little bit different but yes, that's what I heard twice. Then later, the movie "Fireproof" was playing on TV. I watched because I heard it was quite good. At the end of the movie, in the scene where they get married again, that song came up! Wow! It gave me goose bumps!


  • God played me this specific song over the radio (Christian station) two separate times - both times was when I asked Him about His will for the relationship (or lack there of).

Kim Jones, About.com Christian Music/Gospel, says:

The song, "Love Is Not A Fight," by Warren Barfield, is a beautiful one for sure.

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